Liver and bacon casserole, £1.91 for 3 large portions

I haven’t had liver since I was a child. Back then, eating offal was a regular occurrence in our household. Steak and kidney pud, chicken liver pate, I even have a vague recollection of tripe in some form. We ate what we were given as we were always starving by dinner time. My own spoilt children have declared that they will never ever eat liver. However, Mr Shoestring loves it, so when I spotted pigs liver in the supermarket for 66p for 420g, I had to give it a go. I got some smart price unsmoked back bacon too, and used the Hairy Bikers recipe. It was absolutely delicious and satisfying, and at 64p a portion, incredibly frugal. The recipe suggests using lambs liver, but the pork liver worked a treat. I left out the ketchup. This made three generous portions, but could have stretched to four.

liver and bacon liver

As well as 66p for the liver, the bacon cost £1.13 for 4 rashers, the onions about 12p, the flour and stock cube about 15p. Under £2 to feed 3-4 people is pretty good! I served this with creamy mash and cabbage, both of which were yellow stickered in Asda.

The recipe is here: