Let’s get physical!

Did you vow to do more exercise as one of your New Year’s Resolutions? Me too!

I used to be very fit. I went to the gym, did yoga, tai chi and aikido and walked the dog. I love exercise; it makes me feel better physically and mentally. I don’t like the sort that makes you turn bright red and sweaty, but the kind that makes you feel stretchy and relaxed (yoga or tai chi), that gets you outdoors (walking) or that raises the heart rate and makes you stronger but allows you to go at your own pace (the gym).

In recent years since I have been working full time and watching my budget I have really struggled to find the time or money to do what I used to do. I can’t afford a gym membership or lots of fancy yoga workshops, and I no longer have a dog.

However, there I run out of excuses. Walking is free and there are lots of nice places to go nearby, and I have a yoga mat and a bit of floor, plus I have been a yoga teacher for 12 years so I don’t need to go to a class.

I am stuck inside at a desk 5 days a week. If I don’t move and stretch and get some sunshine and fresh air I get achy and depressed, and the middle age spread starts to make too much progress!

So this is one resolution I am determined to stick to this year. Get the wellies out Mr S, we are going for a walk!

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