Let’s get physical! Again …



imageI was so proud of myself this morning – up and straight in the new gym. I was shocked to realise how unfit I am at the moment. Now that I have a mini gym in the house hopefully I will build up my strength again. I am flexible as a yoga teacher but strength is important as well.


imageMr S was flexing his muscles as well last night. He jemmied out the big ugly breakfast bar that was in the kitchen ready for us to decorate. The space seems so much bigger! The newly refurbished dresser will fit against the wall now.

I have sold five things on eBay this weekend and have several others listed. I am also still buying items for a song where I can and reselling them. Hopefully I can start to build a regular extra I come doing this, although it does, of course, all take time.

So busy as usual. Any exercise or DIY for your weekend?

4 thoughts on “Let’s get physical! Again …

  1. No exercise for me this weekend, I’ve got a bad back. I’m hoping to get back in to using the exercise bike as soon as my back feels a bit better though, I’ve put loads of weight on over winter so I’ve got to do something about it. Well done with the Ebay sales, I’ve got a few things waiting to be listed but I can never get myself motivated, it takes so long photographing everything then working out postage and listing, I’ll get round to it eventually.

  2. I walked to and from the bus and around town. As my foot is still recovering from injury I am counting it as exercise. We also looked around a gym which makes me even more interested in getting more active again.
    As for diy, I avoid it a good deal but happily sign my hubby up for the projects. This one was as much if not more his idea though….a huge raised bed made out if old pallets. It is just one bed that fills out tiny garden but it is no easy task especially while attempting to not spend money on it. Hopefully we can get it waterproofed and in the ground soon so as to get veg in the ground soonish.

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