Last minute affordable gifts 

This post is sponsored by Groupon. However, all views and opinions are my own.

Are you a last minute shopper?

Ok, own up. Who is still scrabbling around for  Christmas presents?  With the season almost upon us, it’s time to get your skates on! I am pretty organised this year. However, I have quite a few friends and colleagues who are on a mission to find some last minute affordable gifts.

I just cannot leave these things right to the wire but, if you have, some of these ideas might be helpful.

I have always thought of Groupon as a good company to check out for mini breaks or days out. Of course, Groupon does offer these and you can buy a weekend in the Isle of Wight or a holiday in Iceland if you can afford it.

Gift guide

However,  it turns out they also offer a range of bargain items for even the smallest of budgets. I have been perusing the Groupon gift guide, where there are some decent discounts on offer if you are searching for last minute affordable gifts for your loved ones. I am particularly drawn to the Donald Trump loo paper. At £4.99 it is a lot more than I would usually spend on toilet paper but would give us all a giggle!

You can also buy novelty socks for a few pounds, a mermaid tail blanket for just a tenner or a makeup palette for a fiver. However, as we are just a week away from the big day, a voucher might be better at this stage.

You can get an acupuncture session for just £9 (reduced from £30) or combine acupuncture with a massage for £29, reduced from £60.

If you fancy something a bit more active, the archery experience for two has been discounted from £38 to £19. If you don’t fancy that, how about a brewery tour with lunch is £19.95, reduced from £40?

For those of you who enjoy a nice perfume, there are some Vera Wang fragrances reduced from £69.99 to £19.99. I wish I had seen this before! You will need to be quick though, as this offer ends tomorrow.

Food shopping

As I have said previously, I have been buying bits and pieces of food and drink for Christmas for ages. However, I am now making a list of food for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Our plans have changed a bit as a family member has well and truly broken her ankle (in three places!). She may have to have an operation this week but, even if she doesn’t, she won’t be able to stand up for several weeks. So we will be cooking for an extra two, one of whom has coeliac’s disease.

Aldi is great for the odd gluten free treat. I have already found some mince pies in there. I will make sure as much of our dinner as possible is gluten free anyway.  Come Saturday I will be up really early and in and out of the supermarket as quickly as possible. I don’t enjoy shopping much anyway, but when I am competing with hoards of stressed out shoppers I like it even less!!

If you prefer presents with a green twist, check out my Eco Friendly Christmas gifts post.

Whatever you buy, remember it is just one day. Stick to your budget and have fun.






4 thoughts on “Last minute affordable gifts 

  1. Acupuncture for a present? I’d rather stick pins in myself, ha ha!
    Seriously, I try and get present shopping done before now. I’ve just one more coming by post, and that’s it. But we don’t go overboard on presents, and we ask our nearest and dearest what they would like, so that makes things a bit easier. There is so much fuss made, Christmas has been on everyone’s lips since the children went back to school in September. We would do to remember it’s for only one day and not get too carried away. I do think it’s we women who are our own worst enemies. Can you imagine men fussing like we do to get the right presents, the right cards, the perfect tree, all the special foods? No, nor can I. So let’s ease up, chill out as they say, put our feet up for a bit. Speaking of which, someone will have her foot up, won’t she? I hope she is in not too much pain and that the ankle will mend quickly.
    (Re Groupon, our daughter in law bought us a Groupon voucher a couple of years ago for a local art gallery/museum, and for afternoon tea there afterwards. We thought this a lovely present and really enjoyed it. It wasn’t for Christmas, but an autumn birthday present, but still a very nice present.)
    Margaret P

  2. For me Christmas is not just one day, it is a season – well 12 days at any rate, and starts tomorrow evening with the Solstice Eve sunset!! 🙂 🙂 From now until the New Year has been a very special time of year since pre-history and I’m more than happy to take my turn at celebrating it!

    In no way does it have to be ‘perfect’ though. Those are just impositions we put on ourselves, aided and abetted by marketing and advertising, but if that’s what brings someone pleasure, then I’m glad for them. This season holds something for everyone so we can pick and choose which bits we want. 🙂
    My thoughts turn to Christmas after Halloween has been celebrated, and generally I try to be finished, as far as the gifts are concerned, by the Friday before schools break up, even though my youngest is now 16! So, I’m done as can be and what isn’t done, won’t get done now, and probably wont be missed anyway! I still have some food shopping to do for fresh stuff, but most of my festive food is frozen, let the festivities begin!!! 😀 😀

    Seasons Greetings to everyone! 🙂

  3. Vouchers are great presents, I agree. One year I got a voucher for a facial at a really nice beauty salon, which was my first ever visit to such a place. This year I have been a last minute shopper, and I don’t know why, because I usually am so organised. For our $30 Secret Santa, I managed to get a really trendy and totally useful cheese knife, and a small cheese serving dish, on sale for only $20! That leaves $10 for artisan cheeses wrapped in Christmas paper. I’m really pleased with myself.

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