Kitchen gadgets I couldn’t live without

Chopped up the veg...

Chopped up the veg…


Made some chicken stock…


Topped it up with some of the giant catering pack of veg stock I got from Approved Foods…


Whiz zed it up with my trusty hand blender…


And poured it all into containers ready for the freezer!

I finally managed to make a mega batch of courgette soup this morning. Lots to keep our bellies full until the pumpkins are ready and the next soup making session begins. They are cooling in the kitchen in a load of recycled ice cream and yogurt containers. I need to organise the freezers to fit them all in. So, fave kitchen gadget number 1 is my hand blender!!

Chopping up the plums

Chopping up the plums

Out with the mixer...

Out with the mixer…

Mmm... Yummy plum cake

Mmm… Yummy plum cake

We found plums being given away for free when we were in Long Melford the other day, so today I froze some and used the remainder to make a delicious almond and plum cake, which we had for dessert tonight. So, fave gadget no 2 is my hand mixer.

I think these two items are essential for the frugal kitchen, and I couldn’t be without them. I do have a food processor, but I rarely use it as it is such a faff to get it out of the cupboard and find the bits I need then wash it all  and put it back.

Not a bad way to spend a rainy bank holiday Monday – a thrifty and productive day!

Which kitchen gadgets would you hate to live without?

5 thoughts on “Kitchen gadgets I couldn’t live without

  1. My “stick” hand blender (less than £10 several years ago), also my jam funnel which saves so much mess when decanting preserves into their jars.

  2. I’ll lump my knives and cutting boards into “one” gadget, as they’re used together every day. Also, my coffee maker. Couldn’t start a day without it. Next up would be essential pots and pans, which all get a serious workout in our kitchen. Oh, and I use a small collection of strainers a LOT.

  3. I can’t live without my hand blender, mixer,different knives ,coffee maker,joghurt maker,watercooker and many other things.
    Zucchini soup for the freezer is my work for tomorrow.Still waiting a lot of wind fall apples,
    blackberries and tomatoes.
    Wish you a nice week,

  4. I couldn’t live without my slow cooker. I’ve tried other ‘wonder’ gadgets, like the halogen cooker (which is fine if you are tall and strong, not little and weak and old!) but I keep going back to the slow cooker. It is economical, and makes cheap cuts of meat tender and tasty, and is great if you want a meal when you come in from shopping, or from work. I love it!

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