Keeping warm when the outlook is gloomy

Now that the weather has turned colder we can really feel the difference our efforts to insulate the dining room-cum-lodger’s sitting room have made. We lined the walls with polystyrene backed thermal wallpaper, which was a total nightmare to hang but does appear to work. It has the added benefit of making the walls as even as if they were freshly plastered. We put radiator foil behind the radiator and bought some heavy lined curtains. It was such a cold room before but now it is nice and cosy. 

We plan to fit the radiator foil throughout the house and I really recommend it. I don’t think I can face fighting with the thermal wallpaper again though!

I was a bit depressed about the post autumn statement analyses in the media today. This from the BBC:

In its analysis of the Autumn Statement, the independent think tank, the IFS, said workers would earn less in real wages in 2021 than they did in 2008.

“This has, for sure, been the worst decade for living standards certainly since the last war and probably since the 1920s,” said Paul Johnson, director of the IFS.

“We have seen no increase in average incomes so far and it does not look like we are going to get much of an increase over the next four or five years either.”

The “outlook for living standards and for the public finances has deteriorated pretty sharply over the last nine months”, he added.

So, any money we can save on our heating bills (and all bills) will be a bonus. I work in local government and the belts are being tightened so hard there we can barely breathe, so I don’t expect much of a pay rise any time soon. 

Still, we are better off than many so need to make the very best of what we have.  

4 thoughts on “Keeping warm when the outlook is gloomy

  1. It all sounds gloomy doesn’t it? I left the NHS 2 years ago now and work from home on a self employed basis. I’ve actually never had a pay rise in the 5 years I’ve been with this particular firm and barely make the minimum hourly rate. However I weigh this up with the many advantages of working from home so I put up with it. If I dont work I dont earn any money but I still feel fortunate to be in this situation by choice.

  2. This room looks delightful! I particularly love the spotted fabric on the chair. I would add a rug to the wooden floor, to make it look even more cosy in winter. Not essential, I know, and a lodger might have her own rug to bring, but if you can find one that is inexpensive, that would be a lovely addition to this space.
    By the way, you might be interested, but I’ve just posted a piece on interior design on my blog at
    Margaret P

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