Keeping up with the times

I am so social media savvy these days :-). I have a Twitter account (@shoestringjane), an Instagram account (ShoestringCottage) and I am on Facebook too. Who would have thought that someone who was once terrified of computers would be able to get to grips with it all and even write a blog. 

I can also keep up with my daughters. They grew up with technology so it’s all very natural to them. I remember so called computer classes at school where the computer was the size of a classroom and we were given cards with holes punched out of them that were – and still are – a complete mystery!!

You have to move with the times. My latest project is to set up another Instagram account to sell some of the designer dresses and the like I have been gathering. I need to link it to my eBay account still. It is a work in progress but feel free to take a peek. Search for Janeys Boutique.

Feel free to offer advice 🙂