Keeping it Simple

As usual, but more so, I am having to watch my budget. I have a bit of credit card debt and I want to pay it all off so that I can start to save money towards the electrical work that needs doing in the house, installing a woodburner, and having a nice cheap camping holiday somewhere next year, possibly in France. I hope I don’t have any more major unexpected expenses – the car repairs cost enough to clear me out for a while!!

Garden (2)I need to produce cheap and nutritious meals that the family will all enjoy, keep the household utility bills to a minimum, and not fritter money on non essentials. I also like to get out and about and see friends but, as I have said before, having a social life and not spending money don’t really mix. On top of this, and I hate to break the news to you, for those who care and celebrate it there are 78 days until Christmas!! I have actually budgeted and saved up for this for once – it finally dawned on me that the successful tightwad understands that these things happen regularly and plans and saves for them rather than maxing out the credit card!!

What I would like to do though is spend just part of the money I have put aside and keep as much as possible to kick off my savings for 2015. I am putting money aside for car tax, MOT and insurance, birthdays, plus the aforementioned electrical work, woodburner and holiday. If the budget won’t allow for anything else the holiday might be a few weekends camping in the UK, as and when the weather allows. I need to do something though – I work full time in a very busy job, and have a busy home life too. It is really important to me to get away and unwind from time to time, and to visit other places.

Keep it simpleI was thinking about all the things that I enjoy doing that cost hardly anything. Walking or cycling, reading, watching movies on the TV or DVD player, visiting friends and family, inviting them over, spending time in the garden and growing some of my own food, having a glass of wine at home with Mr S, having days out with a picnic, doing my yoga practice. These all cost hardly anything. I also find that as I get older, I am more and more content with simple things. I don’t want to paint the town red. I don’t need to spend a fortune on new clothes and things for the house. I am not bothered that I don’t own a fancy car. I am happy to spend time with my family. In truth, I am boring as hell, but the great thing about getting older is that I don’t care!!

And here is another of my favourite things that costs very little. Lola the cat, in my work bag, which is her new place to cosy up!


4 thoughts on “Keeping it Simple

  1. thrift deluxe

    My rabbits love a bag to sit in too!

    I have been thinking about the festivities too, we have 5 extra people to buy something for this year – that’s almost double the amount of gifts. Still, my life is all the better for having these new people in it than not so I will never complain about it!

  2. Ivana

    I find your posts very helpful and I too live a frugal life and always look for useful tips.
    you are doing a great job of looking after your family. I am the only bread winner in my family, although the children have left the nest, my husband is very ill and I have to support the household financially myself, with medical bills piling up.


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