It’s the simple things

imageI don’t know if it makes me odd but I love a walk in an old churchyard or cemetary. Perhaps there is something about walking amongst the dead that makes me appreciate the fact that I am lucky enough to still be alive!

Established old graveyards also tend to be mini wildlife reserves, full of trees, plants and wildlife, free of litter, and with a quiet stillness that’s not always easy to find.

Mr S’s sister lives next door to our main cemetary and frequently walks her three tiny dogs in there. Yesterday we joined her for a bit of air. It was a bit chilly so the smallest had to wear a knitted Minnie Mouse dress. For some reason Mr S refused to take her lead! Can you imagine?

imageIt was absolutely beautiful there; there was a sea of crocuses beneath the trees and I was more than happy to be there rather than joining the hoards who were no doubt spending too much cash at the local retail parks 🙂