It’s Christmaaaaasssss! Well, we are getting there

Christmas has arrived at Shoestring Cottage.

xmas fireplace

Lola the cat is fascinated by the tree but has thus far only chewed the lower branches a bit. Let’s hope she doesn’t decide to climb it whilst we aren’t looking. I can see a few ‘timberrrrrr’ moments!

xmas treeI have never spent much money on the decorations. I just buy a few cheapie bits every now and again and stick to a red and gold theme. I would like to change this to white and silver as I think it would go better with the duck egg blue in the sitting room, but I am not so bothered that I am prepared to spend lots of money doing it. If I see anything appropriate in the January sales then I will pick them up if they are cheap enough. The tree I have had for about 10 years so it has been really good value. I don’t have space for a big one so that is another reason to stick with it rather than spend lots on a real one each year.

If I get the chance to cut some holly and mistletoe at some point I will, but if not that’s it for Shoestring Cottage decorations. I still haven’t written my cards yet….really must get on and do that!!

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?xmas door

One thought on “It’s Christmaaaaasssss! Well, we are getting there

  1. Hi there, glad you are getting things together for Christmas. We have everything done that we are going to do, just didn’t do outside lights this year. I can’t give up my old ornaments, as so many have special meanings, so I just change some of the background. A few bulbs at the end of the season usually come pretty cheap. I almost always shop right after Christmas for the bargains. Have a special day!

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