It’s been a long week

Busy, busy at work all week, so I am feeling quite tired. Last weekend was quite full so I didn’t manage a really good house clean, and the untidiest of my three daughters is currently home from university, so the house is a tip!! This weekend is also looking busy, but I will have to fit in some housework or I will get really twitchy. I can only deal with so much chaos!

 Despite her sloppy habits, DD2 did cook the dinner last night. I was very grateful for this, although the kitchen looked as if there had been a minor vandalism incident afterwards. She made sausage and beer casserole from the A Girl Called Jack cookbook. It was OK, but not the best recipe we have tried. Again, there was a lot of liquid. Jack likes runny food! If I make it again I will put in less beer and more seasonings as it was lacking a certain depth of flavour.

 So this weekend will be a sprint to clean the house, sort some paperwork, do the laundry, prepare for DD3’s birthday on Monday and bake a cake. I am out for dinner Saturday evening and my parents are popping in for a visit too, then we have a takeaway planned for Sunday as a birthday treat. I won’t have to do lots of cooking anyway.

 Do you have anything good planned this weekend?

5 thoughts on “It’s been a long week

  1. It’s a funny thing. I had a son who was very much like your daughter – untidy/slobbish wasn’t the word. He now has his own home and guess what – yes it’s tidy and clean and he has the cheek to complain about his girlfriend’s sloppy habits!!

  2. Jane, hubby is down with a cold, so don’t know what the weekend is bringing. We do have an 80th Bday party to go to on Saturday night for our friend Leo, so hope hubby is feeling up to it. He has orders to rest all day. I need to do some serious cleaning this weekend, as I have a meeting here on Monday night.

  3. For the first full week back at school/work after the holidays, this week seems to have been very long and slow indeed!

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