It never rains but it pours

imageWe were slightly alarmed when we went to bed last night to discover the ceiling was looking a bit bowed and a small hole had appeared in the plaster. We had  a leak last winter in the same place so the ceilng is far from perfect, but now I think it may need to come down all together. First things first though: we needed to find out where the water actually coming from. We had a look and a couple of the roof joists were very wet, with one looking a bit rotten at the bottom.

No need to hang out the bunting!

No need to hang out the bunting!

When Mr S pulled back the fibre glass insulation we found the plasterboard underneath was soaked and could see through the little hole into the bedroom!

We share this bit of roof with our neighbour. It has leaked in the past at the part where the two roofs join. His is in quite poor condition, he has grass growing in his guttering and a huge hole in one of the soffits at the base of the tiles. We are pretty sure this is making a contribution to our issues but it’s hard to prove this at the moment as we can’t tell exactly where the water is coming in. It appears to be a gentle trickle over time – if it came in a big rush when it rained we would be able to just repair it.

He has now promised to get scaffolding up in the next few weeks and replace his soffits and guttering and whilst he is there check out the whole roof. He is a builder and a decent chap and neighbour so it will happen at some point, but we know from experience that he moves at his own pace!  Let’s hope we don’t have too much rain in the meantime and that it doesn’t cost much to fix!

When it is sorted we will have to budget to get the ceiling repaired or I can see it falling on us as we sleep.

Pesky bind weed!

Pesky bind weed!

I managed to spend a couple of hours in the garden digging over my sorely neglected flower beds. The flipping bind weed well and truly set in this summer and I didn’t find enough time to keep it at bay. I cleared a  small area and dug it over twice to remove as many roots as I could see. Evil stuff. I think I may have to resort to chemicals if I can’t get rid of it all. There is lots more to do. It was nice to get a bit of fresh air and sunshine anyway for a change.

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  1. My dad was a builder and mum always moaned that she had to wait 10 times longer to have anything done to our house. I hope you get it sorted soon before worse weather

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