It could have been a disaster…saved by the plumber

There's a hole in my ceiling...

There’s a hole in my ceiling…

Regular readers will know that myself and Mr S sweated blood and tears to redecorate our sorry hallway, and waited over 3 years to finally buy a stair carpet. Transforming the most awful space in the house gave  such satisfaction :-).

So it was with some alarm that we discovered a small water leak in the downstairs hallway: first the water pressure in the boiler kept dropping causing it to cut out. Then I arrived home late Saturday evening to find a puddle on the floor and the light fitting full of water. Fortunately it seemed a slow leak, so rather than pay a plumber for a Sunday call out we made a small hole in the plaster to release the water and stuck a bucket underneath. The plumber arrived yesterday to confirm what we had suspected: the new carpet  and the floorboards upstairs had to come up so that he could repair the pipe. Mr S had accidentally stuck a screw through a pipe when he was tightening the creaky old floorboards!

Never mind – these things are sent to try us and it is all sorted now.

imageOn the plus side, the veg patch is still very productive and it looks like being a bumper pumpkin crop – they are huge!

4 thoughts on “It could have been a disaster…saved by the plumber

  1. Oh no! And you just got your new carpet. You are taking it rather well. Good for you. A lesson for us all, I guess.

  2. Yikes! Well thank God you caught it before there was damage to the sub-floor. That can cost thousands.Was the new carpet salvageable? I agree with Debra… you’re an inspiration to us all with your positive attitude!

  3. Lol, yes no problem, AuntLeesie! The carpet went back down ok and luckily the only slight damage may be to the ceiling below if it cracks as it dries. I was a bit fed up
    but it could have been so much worse I am just relieved really! Mr S is a bit embarrassed at his error but it happens!

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