Is there something going on in Brazil?

imageUnless you live in a cave, you can’t have failed to notice that the World Cup kicked off in Brazil last night. I am actually not very interested in football, but I love getting everyone at work going on any event as it lifts everyone’s spirits. imageSo we have bunting made from the flags of the various teams, a mini football pitch on one of the desks (with my chickens as the stars), fabric flags hanging from all the walls and cardboard world cups on all of our PC monitors. Today I even wore my £3 Primark England shirt to work. It all helps the day go by 🙂 I pulled out Honduras and Portugal in the sweepstake. I am told that Portugal might do OK but I won’t hold my breath.image

Fortunately Mr S is not a football fan, so I won’t be forced to watch hours of it on the TV (if it was the Grand Prix, maybe). As you know, I would rather be out in my garden, where there is so much work to be done and too little time to do it.

Our neighbour recently purchased a new lawnmower, and has given us his old one. Initially I wasn’t impressed. It didn’t work well for him, so I figured it would just end up in the shed with the other one that doesn’t work. However, Mr S is a bit of a spanner head and good with anything mechanical, and he has got it going beautifully. I think our neighbour probably wishes he had asked Mr S to help him mend it rather than spending money on a new one!