Incommunicado – almost

One thing staying in a very basic caravan in the middle of nowhere with no phone, tv or wi-fi tends to remind me is how little I really need these things. I think this is why I love coming here. It is so quiet and peaceful and the endless chatter and noise of every day life – the TV programmes, the lure of the Internet, emails, the radio – just don’t exist. We don’t have even a phone signal! I find I miss them very little, although we have had a fix of wifi on our travels most days for a quick check on Mr S’s business and have been able to text the kids and our parents.

It also reminds me how much time I waste online! Facebook, Instagram, blogs – and I sit in front of a PCs all day at work so you would think I would want to get away from technology when I am home. It’s never that easy, of course, as the world is run by the Internet these days and it is a wonderful tool in many respects. 

A root around the charity shops

As I say though it is great to have space from it. I remember a time before the Internet – yes, I am getting on a bit – when you went on holiday and your only communication to anyone at home was a postcard! You knew what was happening in the world by buying a newspaper. My girls would think that a bit antiquated!

We have another sunny day here in Wales so need to make the most of it. This is a quick stop for a coffee and a bit of free wifi in the library. But I’m throwing technology aside now – off for a blow along the beach and a root through any charity shops we come across. Yes, some things don’t change just because we are on holiday! 

4 thoughts on “Incommunicado – almost

  1. For some reason I don’t seem to have been getting your latest posts, so it was nice to get this one, although I couldn’t click straight through to your new blog.

    Your holiday sounds lovely – we spent a lovely holiday in that area years ago with our 4 children in a caravan and a tent. What you say about being free of the internet chimes with me; since the referendum a facebook “friend” of mine (and one I thought of as a real friend, albeit not a close one) has written so much nasty stuff about those who voted Leave (so that included me) that I have been completely rethinking how much time I spend on the net. I only “do” facebook for any business it brings my way (sewing) but as most of it comes though local adverts I might well delete my account. I’ve even wondered whether I want to continue blogging, though I’ve only been doing it since last September. I started it as a way of giving to others, as I had gained so much from other sewing blogs (and am also interested in blogs like yours of course!). I might continue, but do shorter posts.

    I don’t have to be on the computer for work like you, but all the same I find myself spending more time on it than is good for me. One of my cycling heroes, Josie Dew, whose books I love, is perhaps even more of a hero to me precisely because she doesn’t do much internet stuff! Just updates her website now and then.

    Anyway, I really hope you enjoy your holiday – and thanks for this post which has been truly refreshing!! And I must admit that lovely pool looks refreshing too.

    • Thanks! I have come off Facebook too since the referendum because it was all getting so heated – I was getting het up all the time! I will go back in once it has all calmed down a bit

  2. Sounds perfect! When hubby and I go on holiday we always send postcards home. The family like them and our 2 little granddaughters love receiving them. I know it’s quite old fashioned now though but I still do it.

  3. I love your blog. Keeps me sane in this mad world. Happy hols but please keep to blog going. I love it

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