I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it!

imageIt says a lot about my life that I am so excited about getting a new stair carpet today…but I am! I have lived for over 3 years with badly painted red stairs in an extremely grotty hallway. Now it has been decorated and, with the arrival of the carpet, it finally looks finished and I am no longer embarrassed that it is an awful sight for my visitors to behold as they step through the door of Shoestring Cottage 🙂

imageAs I had to wait in for the fitter, I have managed to get a lot of other jobs done too. I washed the car inside and out and saved myself the £15 I usually am tempted to pay. It was filthy! Having carted 100 paving stones in it recently, and split a bag of cat litter in the back, I actually managed to fill the Dyson up with nastiness. She is an old girl, my Zafira, and doesn’t get much attention from me, but now she is gleaming in the sunshine. Super frugal means washing my own car and I will do this from now on. I am driving her out to get a new wiper blade and to check the air pressure in the tyres later.

imageI also painted the walls of DD1’s bedroom where the cat had ripped the wallpaper. The paper is still ripped, but it blends in a lot more.

I cheekily borrowed the carpet fitters scissors to cut a piece of thick black lino that was given to me and roughly fit it into the downstairs loo. Mr S will bring me a stanley knife over later so that we can cut it to fit properly.

imageThe plan is to chop up some courgettes and tomatoes for the freezer, and maybe some runner beans too, although we have been keeping on top of those and feeding them to friends and family.

I am off work for the rest of the week, which is a real treat, so I hope to get lots done. This is all I need. My home is my castle and it really makes me happy to make it nice and create a bit of order.

What have you achieved today?


4 thoughts on “I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it!

  1. Lavender Attic

    Looks lovely, I too have revamped my hallway and would love a new carpet but no pennies at the moment. I think hall stairs and landings are important as they are so visible and depressing if they need a spruce up!

  2. Amanda A

    £15 is mega expensive so a massive saving doing this yourself!
    Your hallway looks stunning – love the colour of your carpet 🙂


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