I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in, and stops my mind from wandering…

I woke up yesterday morning very early to an odd sound. It turned out to be a drip, drip from the ceiling. It had rained very heavily overnight and the roof was leaking again and coming through my bedroom ceiling. Not the best start to the day. There wasn’t much I could do except put a bowl under it and wait for the rain to stop, which fortunately it did. I went up in the loft and I could see exactly where it was coming in.

My neighbour did promise to go up and have a look as it is a shared roof, but that was two weeks ago and he still hasn’t. I have been on the go ever since so haven’t managed to see him yet, but stuck a note through his door to say if he can’t do anything I need to get a roofer in. I think that will be a job for Monday. In the meantime I have put some plastic down in the loft and a plastic tray in case in rains again. I could do without this as I can see this is going to cost a lot of money!! But it is the roof so I can’t exactly ignore it. Bum :(.

At least I have finished my Christmas shopping now and within budget (just about)- I went into town with DD3 this morning early before the crowds. I will try to get all the wrapping done tonight.

I had a brilliant night out with some work colleagues yesterday at the local Indian restaurant, with a couple of pubs thrown in for good measure. It’s fantastic when you see your sensible work mates let their hair down. We all got less and less sensible as the evening progressed. Someone’s Secret Santa present was a funny dog book, so we amused ourselves by picking out appropriate pix for each other. This was mine!

Spot the difference!

Spot the difference!

I hope you are all in control and not facing any unwelcome expenses before Christmas. With all the belt tightening I am going to have to do in the New Year, at least it should help my new year weight loss resolution :).

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