I’m all a twitter!

imageI thought I would get with it and get a Twitter account! Until now it has all been a bit of a mystery, but I decided to give it a try. You can follow me @shoestringjane. I will attempt to put something pithy on every now and again but we shall see.

I was heartened to discover a couple of lovely people had already tweeted about my blog. I had no idea! Thanks folks.

Amsterdam flower market

Amsterdam flower market

I waved DD1 off on her trip to Amsterdam this morning. I hope she takes the opportunity to properly explore this amazing city rather than only its nightlife. I spent a wonderful week there a couple of years ago on a houseboat with Mr S and we loved it. We visited many galleries and museums, had a walk through the beautiful Jordaan area and bought some bulbs for the flower market that still pop up in the garden every year as a memento of our trip. We also took a canal boat trip and it was fab. No doubt DD1’s experience will be a lttle different and she will be a lot more bleary eyed!

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  1. Cynthia

    I hope your daughter has a fabulous time in Amsterdam. How fun it must have been for you to rent a houseboat in that country. I love the idea of bringing back bulbs for the garden to enjoy for years to come!