Ilfracombe: Glorious sunshine in Devon 


IlfracombeWhat a difference a day makes

The weather has been getting better and better here in Devon and today it is glorious – sunshine and blue skies. We could be in the Mediterranean. We have come back to Ilfracombe as it was rather grey and wet when we came on Monday. What a difference!

IlfracombeI am writing this on the sand at Tunnels Beaches, a private Victorian beach in Ilfracombe accessed by a series of hand carved tunnels. There are two tidal swimming pools, but the sea is too cold for me to do more than paddle. It is very quaint and interesting, especially the etiquette guides on the way in which made us giggle.

We have been packing up picnics and flasks and mainly eating at home. Tonight, however, we will push the boat out and have a restaurant meal. We walked past a little place called Starters, a kind of English version of a tapas bar. The food smelled so delicious we immediately booked a table. Let’s hope it tastes as good. There are few things that annoy me more than a poor restaurant meal when I have stretched my budget to eat out as a treat.


IlfracombeIlfracombe charity shops

We had another quick look around the town centre – it is a lovely little place full of independent shops. We even found a couple more charity shops. I have found two pairs of almost new flat pumps for work for £2 each, an M&S cardigan in immaculate condition (£5 but I reckon it would have cost £25 new) and a lovely black dress, again M&S, for £3.50. The girls have also found a few bargains 😀. I think we are a funny bunch as we head straight for the charity shops wherever we go!

I love Ilfracombe and hope to come back here. This is a beautiful Devon town and I recommend it. You can find more information about the area here.

I hope the weather is fine where you are. I shall pop on again tomorrow.

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  1. Love your bargain shop finds. I too am drawn to them but don’t really get a lot of time for it.
    Some lovely photos there especially the harbour full at high tide. It truly looks Mediterranean.
    Alexa-asimplelife visiting from Sydney, Australia

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