If you can’t stand the heat …

imageIt is so hot! I don’t like to complain as I love the sunshine, but I am feeling a little frazzled after a day in a very hot office where, for some inexplicable reason, there are two radiators that have been stuck on for weeks and it seems there isn’t a heating engineer in Essex who can sort it out!

imageSo I  came straight home, shed the office shoes in favour of my flip flops,  and went outside to rescue my plants and water the pots and the greenhouse.

I think tonight’s plan of action is to sit in the garden with a couple of nice cold beers from the fridge. I should go to the gym but I can’t face it.

Don’t curse me if you are sitting looking at the rain! What’s the weather like where you are?

0 thoughts on “If you can’t stand the heat …

  1. Jo Ann

    In southwest Virginia, USA, it is sunny and hot, 86 degrees F, with a chance of thunderstorms later.There is a breeze going, so it could be worse. I love the summer, and we had such a long, cold winter that you’ll hear no complaints from me.
    Hope they get your office fixed soon!

  2. Sarina

    Lovely warm weather here in the south of Britain. Can`t say I blame you for not going to the Gym.
    Ditch the Gym and swap for gardening, I`d say.

  3. Hemstitch

    Oh, dear, you poor thing! Such a beautiful day to be out in the garden, too! ( Norfolk) I’m stuck, as well, though not in an office: I’m retired but currently nursing some stitches so have been carrying only half-ful buckets of water to the tomatoes and had to get the OH to drive me to the allotment to pick my broad beans.
    I guess it really is summer now!

  4. AuntLeesie

    Typical central California June weather… it’s called “June Gloom”, and means socked in with fog. My DH and I just got back from a visit to Southern CA, where it was MUCH hotter. Enjoy your beer!

  5. Andrea D.

    Ours is rain, storms, tornadoes, and more rain, and then finally a little sunshine today. We live in Arkansas and that’s the norm. 🙂 and don’t forget the saying… If it rains June 1st it will rain 30 days that month. So far for us.. it’s true!!

  6. Julia

    London, and loving it, but then I’m not stuck in a office, with or without the heating on!!
    Hottest day of the year predicted on Friday and it will barely hit 80 degrees!! Ah, the Great British Summer! Long may it last! 😀