I was made to live in a stately home 😄


 We have just got back from our freebie night at the bed and breakfast in Bury St Edmunds – we won it in a raffle! It was at Nowton Manor, which is a beautiful building set amidst acres of parkland. It is a curious mix of residential home, hotel and conference centre and oddly it seems to work. We decided we could cope with living in a stately home…


 We spent yesterday wandering through Bury itself. It has a great market – something we are sadly lacking in Colchester – and a lovely mix of independent shops and chain stores. It also has an abbey slap bang in the middle of it with beautiful gardens around it. We treated ourselves to a hog roast for lunch from the market, with stuffing, apple sauce and a nice cup of tea. We always do this when we go to Bury. It beats a McBurger or queuing for ages to pay a ridiculous amount for a mediocre sandwich somewhere. 


 I dragged Mr S into all the charity shops too. They are generally quite expensive, but I did find a nice pink dress from Monsoon for £6.  When we had had enough retail therapy we went for a stroll in the grounds at Nowton Park. There were lots of people about enjoying the daffodils.


Being serenaded at breakfast!

 We met Mr S’s brother and his partner and went to dinner at a rather magnificent looking thatched pub called the Rushbrook Arms. The food was very nice but the puddings were a bit of a let down. This often seems to be the case with pub food. I should have saved my pennies and my waistline and stuck to just the main course! When will I ever learn?



 Today we spent the morning at the West Stow Anglo Saxon Village. It had a few interesting demonstrations going on, with a black smith, someone making wattle and daub and a Ray Mears lookalike whittling spoons from bits of birch wood😄.

Now we are back home and chilling, in anticipation of the new language student arriving this evening. Her group will be off out somewhere tomorrow so once she is packed off I will be hitting the Easter bootsale. You have got to love a bank holiday weekend! Anybody else been doing anything fun?

7 thoughts on “I was made to live in a stately home 😄

  1. We’ve not been to BSE for ages, used to go regularly when we lived in mid Suffolk, but it’s quite a trek from here and even longer since we went to West Stow. Looks as if you had a good time, enjoy the rest of your Easter

  2. Hiya,
    Have been a follower for a short while, thought I would say hello ! I love a bank holiday too, no Sunday night anxiety about work on Monday, silly really but that how I get. Hope the bootie was fruitful for you !

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