I love a yellow stickered bargain!

imageI popped into Asda after work at about 8.30 last night to check out the reduced sections. There wasn’t a great deal there, but what there was was reduced a lot!

imageI got a bag of salad for 20p, which made lunch for me and two darling daughters today with some chopped up cheese and ham, a bag of swede for 10p that I put in the freezer to add to stews as and when, and a bag of chopped casserole vegetables for 10p. These will form the basis of tonight’s dinner. Before I left for work this morning I threw them in the slow cooker with a packet of browned off Aldi sausages, a tin of chopped tomatoes, some stock, some chopped herbs and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Hopefully this will be nice for tea with some mashed spuds.

Cheap and easy, that’s me!