How to quit the rat race

imageWell I don’t have the answer yet…but, as ever, being on holiday raises certain questions. Mostly, how do I manage getting up at 6 every day, working full time, running a house, doing a second job teaching yoga and a third taking in students? When I get the opportunity to sit and refect on this I don’t know how I do it , but I do know that it all takes its toll and that being away I am already sleeping better and the (sorry if this is TMI) my IBS symptoms that were dreadful in the last few weeks have all but disappeared.

Almost everyone I know is on the same relentless hamster wheel of just running to keep up with themselves. I bet you are too!

I may not be able to go on holiday to recharge very often but I can find more ways to relax and take time out. That is my new resolve! Yoga on the beach is a good start.

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  1. AuntLeesie

    I’ve wanted to say–since just before you left for your holiday–that nearly everyone needs a break from the daily grind sometimes. To my mind, frugal is mostly about getting the most bang for your hard earned bucks. Including FUN, joy, or pleasure is a part of it. Sounds like you and Mr. Shoestring are having a wonderful time! Hurray for you both!