Honey, it’s dark outside

Those of you in the UK will be well aware that the clocks went back on Sunday. I have not adjusted to this yet, and have been waking up at 5.30 am each day because by body clock thinks it is 6.30! It was also an awful shock to leave work at 5.15 yesterday and it was already completely dark. I don’t like it!

Clocks back

 At least the weather is mild, so although the lights are all on earlier, I have hardly had the heating on at all. I am concerned about the cost of my energy bills, so will continue to nag the family to turn the lights and appliances on when they aren’t in the room and put extra layers on if they are cold. I came back last night to find the house lit up like a bolisha beacon!! I swear if my darling daughters had to pay the bills they would be more careful.

 We are still aiming to install a wood burner in the near future, but we need to make sure we have the funds in place for the installation as well as the burner itself. I think this could save quite a bit of money in the long term. I have been looking at installing solar panels too for a while, but haven’t found a company offering a good deal in my area.

 I feel a greater sense of urgency to sort these things out when I hear stories like the one on the news yesterday about the possibility of winter blackouts because the National Grid has a lower than usual capacity this year. This was blamed on power station closures and break downs. Apparently we only have 4% spare capacity and the Grid is already offering cash incentives to some companies to switch off production during some peak periods.

 In reality, black outs are fairly unlikely. However, how good would a wood burner be if it happened? I like the idea of being self-sufficient! I am old enough to remember the power cuts of the 1970s. We had a big open fire and I remember my Mum cooking a stew over it and us eating by candlight. At the time, as a child, it was a huge adventure, but I don’t think it would have been so much fun without the fire.

 Do you generate any of your own electricity? Could you live without your wood burner?

4 thoughts on “Honey, it’s dark outside

  1. Linda Kay

    Living in Texas, US, we don’t have much of a problem in the winter, more in the summer when it is REALLY Hot. But I remember those days back in the Midwest when it was really cold and the lights would go out. We had a manual gas furnace back then, so at least weren’t totally dependent on the electricity. We had a fireplace insert (cast iron) that burned wood and heated a good deal of the house from just a couple of logs.

  2. Lynda Kling

    We have two woodburners, and got a generator after losing two freezers full of food twice in two years due to two week long power outages(storms)..east coast of US….

  3. phyllisw2014

    we love our multi burner, tonight it was lit at 6 o’clock and we are not putting any more fuel on from 7.30 o’clock cos its too hot, we have all the doors on the ground floor open with heat going up stairs.

  4. Julia

    While my house full of teens remain in their dark bedrooms, what little saving is made by not leaving lights on, is negated by all the computers that are on instead!


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