Holiday preparations: more organisation needed here!

Holiday preparations for our rural retreat

It is possible that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to holiday preparations. I tend to leave it all to the last minute. I am fine at booking and paying for it, checking passports and sorting travel insurance…it’s the packing!

This time we are going to Wales, a nice frugal holiday, so no passport necessary or currency to buy. But we are off in the morning, I have been at work today and I haven’t even started packing yet.

A haphazard approach

Holiday preparations for a week in WalesMy holiday preparations so far have involved going to the supermarket last night for food to leave for my daughter and the cats and then chucking a wash on. The lodger will, thankfully, sort herself out. At least if I am up to date with  laundry I will have clothes to pack.

There is still so much to do! Why didn’t I start sooner? Because there is always so much to do. Maybe this is why I need another holiday !

A mad rush

So tonight will be a mad rush of ironing, packing the cases, making the picnic for our journey and rushing around the garden cropping and watering!

Luckily Mr S has had the time to work in the garden this week. If he hadn’t we would have been returning to a jungle. This is the upside of him being self employed and being able to organise his own schedule.

I have also been rushing to get things done at work. I will need my holiday after all this!  It will be worth it but I know I can organise myself better. How good are you at holiday preparations?

8 thoughts on “Holiday preparations: more organisation needed here!

  1. We tend not to go away these days. This is because we are retired and so don’t need a holiday in quite the same way that people who work (work for money I mean; we still work hard!) need a holiday. And we live in a holiday resort, arguably one of the prettiest in the country (Torbay), so have lovely places to visit should we just want a day out. But right now, with this hot weather I can think of nothing lovelier than sitting in our little garden or summerhouse with a glass of something cooling and even watching Wimbledon on the TV out there, even though I’m not particularly a tennis fan – but there again, Wimbledon is part of an English summer, is it not? Even if we don’t care much for tennis generally speaking, we’d miss Wimbledon if it wasn’t there (the tennis I mean, not the place!)
    Have a great holiday, don’t forget the bottles of water and the chiller bag with your food for the journey! Oh, and a medical kit for stings, insect bites and so forth! And your camera or perhaps you just use your smart phone for pix? And 20p pieces for loos where you have to pay!
    All good wishes, have a great time,
    Margaret P
    PS Are you sure you don’t need your passport for Wales, ha ha!

  2. Hi

    I’m with you. The packing drives me batty. I’very drawn up a holiday packing checklist on an excel spreadshee (I know I sound crazy) so I look at it a couple of days before just to see if there is anything I need (this applies more to toiletries) and then tick things off as I go. The one year hubby tried ‘to help’ we missed a bit off so I tend to ‘take control’ now. At least when you return home you can turn case upside down onto floor ….. no worries about creasing then!

    Enjoy your time away … you’l have forgotten about the stress of packing in no time.

  3. I’m retired but I love visiting new places. I want to go to north Wales later in the year. I have relatives in South Wales so we could meet up. I leave it until the last minute so I can judge what I need when I look at the latest weather report. Its returning home to all the washing that drives me insane. Last year when we had a cottage in Cornwall I took three frozen meals with me, they were still frozen when we arrived and I put 2 in the freezer and one in the oven wile we unpacked and explored the gardens etc. Enjoy your break.

  4. I prepare quite well. I start to put clothes by a couple of weeks before. Once they are ready, I make sure I don’t wear them again. I have a list that I print off (been using it for years) and I tick off all the bits and pieces as they go in the case. I just got back from The Lake District today. It was lovely but now I have the washing you don’t! Have a fab time.

  5. I have come to the conclusion that however long one has to pack one always uses all the available time and still feels unprepared!
    I know that I do and it doesn’t help to have too much time because that leads to more agonising over what to take.
    If I sling it all in without much thought it ‘s just as satisfactory.
    I’m with Curly Top though. I have a holiday list which I print off and tick items off when they are packed.
    It saves a lot of stress though it may seem a bit over the top! Sue

  6. Its all worth it to get away though and I hope you enjoy your holiday. Who needs to go abroad when you have the sunshine there anyway and a rural retreat in Wales sounds lovely 🙂

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