Heading home

We woke up to a torrential downpour this morning, which made packing up the car a bit soggy. I was sorry to leave Wales as I always am, but we had a decent run back. 

Last evening at Aberdovey beach

We have talked a lot this holiday about saving up for a camper van, something not too huge-maybe a Bongo. I think we would use it very often and it would be a worthwhile investment. We have always said we will buy one ‘one day’. Hopefully ‘one day’ will be within the next couple of years. I can see us on long weekends, travelling to Europe to explore, heading off the the odd festival…so many cheap holidays! I am starting the savings fund straight away!

I have a clear week and then we have a student coming for a fortnight. An Italian boy of 16. I will have to think of some good menu choices other than pasta and burgers.

The garden has gone crazy whilst we have been away. The grass is so long and the weeds are doing well! I wish I could say the same of the veg patch. Something has eaten most of the runner beans, the slugs have decimated the brassicas and the courgettes just aren’t growing. The plants are flowering but tiny. I will be surprised if we get many courgettes. The red and blackcurrants are looking good, as are the broad beans and tomatoes, so at least we have those. It all helps! 

Off to do the laundry and write a shopping list. Back to reality!

2 thoughts on “Heading home

  1. A small camper van is our dream too. We used to have one many years ago in the early 90’s, a VW . However it became too costly for us to maintain, what with all the other expenses involved with a young family and big mortgage. We sold it to a man who restored them….I cried buckets when he drove it away but at the time it was needs must! Now there’s just the 2 of us and I know we’d get a lot of use from one. One day!!

    • A VW would be lovely but as you say very expensive to maintain. We want something a bit speedier and more reliable, if lacking the character of a VW

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