Happy NOT to be in vogue

I am just having a little laugh idly reading an old copy of Vogue someone left in the break room at work. It is a ‘more dash than cash’ special issue. Hidden amongst the pages and pages of adverts for designer handbags, jewellery, clothes and makeup is an article on DIY couture, in which designers make dresses out of cling film, latex gloves (‘When layered up, the gloves look like silk’) or cotton wool balls. I must add this to my Fifty Ways to Save Money Now article 😀😀.

They also suggest ways to customise some clothes that look more likely to save money, as long as you don’t spend £125 on a denim jacket to perform this transformation on, as they did. There are other gems of frugal wisdom like the suggestion that spending £50 on a designer headband can save money on blow dries, how to update last season’s dress by spending £240 on earrings, shoes and a clutch bag, or buying a £27 bottle of foundation as it contains an anti aging serum so you won’t have to buy one separately. The most confounding piece of advice was that ‘lipsticks are the new it-bags, so ensure yours has a big, prominent designer logo’. Uh?

No wonder people are in trouble with money! This is why I always advise people who are trying to save cash or pay off debts to avoid glossy magazines. They are trying to sell you a lifestyle and, unless you are on the big bucks, it is simply not realistic or achievable. I would add ‘or desirable’ but this magazine is clearly not aimed at me, so what do I know? It is a different and totally alien world to me.

I can laugh as I am not taken in, but I worry for those who are. What about you? Are you a fan of glossy magazines?

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  1. I agree but then again, I’ve never been one to shop or wear makeup, much to my mother’s dismay, I might add. She’d have loved it if I had been a woman of the kind described here. I feel fortunate not to be that way. Magazines? The library has some I enjoy, friends have some but most people I know are too busy to read very often…

  2. I love magazines and even write for them, but sensible people like yourself (and myself, I trust) treat them as just fun things, not to be taken too seriously. For example, in one of the Sunday supplement magazines recently, some of the dresses or tops and skirts are around £6,000 and that doesn’t include the shoes, bag and jewellery! As I say, the mags are fun things – indeed, much of the fashion this particular magazine shows makes me laugh my supermarket socks off because they’re just too ridiculous for words. What I’ve been seeing recently has been over-sized coats and skirts and trousers which look as if they’ve come for the bargain rail in a charity shop, the things that no one wants, all totally mis-matched in colour, pattern and texture, and so large the the poor emaciated models (and yes, they still look as if they need a few good meals) look like them might trip over then at any moment.
    I maintain that the fashion world has collectively been maxing out on magic mushrooms as each season the designers devise the most preposterous collections and then the chain stores copy them to a certain extent, so before long we’ll all be in large boxy like double breasted blazers that do not suit women’s shape at all unless they are totally flat-chested, and baggy trousers that catch in the heels of our shoes (odd shoes on each foot, which is – allegedly – the latest ‘look’.)
    But mags are fun things, some of them even have helpful hints – the more sensible ones, I mean – so don’t rule them all out.
    Margaret P

    • Some are good – I enjoy Gardeners World, for example. Your comment about magic mushrooms made me laugh

  3. I treat myself to food and travel magazine when I go on holiday but its too expensive to justify monthly. When I got married, I deliberately avoided wedding magazines because I figured they’d be full of suggestions I’d never heard of but might be persuaded to indulge in.

  4. I used to be completely addicted to glossy mags. Never vogue, but Cosmo years ago, Red, and most of the others. Hate to think how much a month I used to spend. Now I have Good Housekeeping and Prima on Tesco vouchers and to be honest wish I didn’t as I am bored with them. It’s true they rejig the same thing year in year out. The must have perfume, bag, shoes, hairstyle, housestyle, fashion…delete as appropriate. Wish I recognised this year’s ago I would have saved myself a fortune.

  5. I love magazines but apart from the occasional weekly I don’t buy them, we have a swop box in our village library where I get all the latest glossies, some rich folk around here! I also love clothes, lots of them! But I only ever buy them from charity shops,going to a christening soon in a very nice ‘dressy’ dress and a nice fitted jacket 99p each.Waste of time me spending much on ‘dressy’ clothes as I live in jeans and leggings

  6. I do like magazines, though not celebrity ones. Good Housekeeping is probably my favourite magazine ( more realistic than the likes of Vogue, but even GH recommendations are often out of my price range when bought new). I think the way to use these glossies is to take inspiration from them, for example …for room settings, colour schemes, fashion looks etc. I only ever buy magazines when I’m going on holiday -perhaps GH, Delicious (a magazine for foodies) and Ideal Home or similar. I am a member of a Ladies gym and there is a book/magazine swap shelf. I often pick up Mags a few weeks late, but that’s fine. If I won a million pounds tomorrow I wouldn’t pay the price of some of the fashions in the likes of Vogue! I prefer to buy second hand ‘good’ brands rather than new cheap clothes.

  7. Hi Jane, love your blog. I used to be a serious magazine buyer…but that was 20 years ago. Now I might buy one if I’m going on holiday, but often feel very cheated after wading through adverts & advertorials. Today if I want inspiration I look to blogs or Pinterest. I truly think a lot of these magazines’ days are numbered as people wise up. Suzi

  8. I used to get Woman’s Day mag, but only because a friend was emigrating and couldn’t take her subscription with her so changed her address to mine, so as not to waste the remainder of it!
    Otherwise I sometimes (rarely) get a genealogy mag if it catches my eye in WH Smiths, but find I then never get round to reading them, so don’t bother even looking anymore!

    The cheapest TV guide is the only thing I get now!

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