Hair by Shoestring Cottage!

imageMy daughter has an amazing amount of hair, really long and thick. This would cost a small fortune to get it coloured at the hairdressers, so yesterday she came to Shoestring Hair Artists. Nothing like getting your mum on the job in her dressing gown whilst watching TV!

We bought the hair colour from Superdrug as they were on offer at 3 for £14. She needs two boxes to cover her luscious locks and I will use the third. I always use a bowl and brush to get an even coverage. It took ages! But it does look lovely – glossy and gorgeous and it only cost a tad over £9.

imageI also hit the charity shop over the weekend looking for some bargains for my eldest daughter, who will shortly be moving out. I managed to find a nice little wok, a Pyrex dish, a saucepan and some kitchen utensils all for a fiver. I also found her a knife block, a cutlery set and some wooden spoons in the saver store next door, plus a few store cupboard items to get her started.

So not exactly a no spend weekend but it was at least a modest spend weekend, with lots for my money!

3 thoughts on “Hair by Shoestring Cottage!

  1. Great photo and such lovely long hair!
    I may of mentioned this before but I get my hair cut and coloured at my local college – haircut is £6-£10 depending which level student I get and colours are £16-£20 – a real bargain and you would never guess that a student had done it! 🙂

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