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grow your ownGrow your own to save money

Finally, spring has sprung! This afternoon we got out into the garden to get some jobs done. Mr S dug up and moved the compost heap as it had been invaded by bindweed so the compost was unusable, whilst I dug over one of the veg plots. We are getting ready to plant some veg seeds and save ourselves some money! Do you grow your own?

grow your ownWe have decided to sow wild flowers on one of the plots this year. We were short of time last summer and cultivating, harvesting and preserving everything felt stressful. If I didn’t work full time I would grow a lot more but it is difficult to find the time. So this year we will stick with a few crops that we know are likely to do well: perpetual spinach, runner beans, courgettes, broad beans and chard. We shall also grow tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse. Keeping it simple, but still growing some of our own food. A wildflower garden will be lovely too!

grow your ownLow maintenance

We have blackcurrants, blackberries, blueberries and a few apples as well, but they take very little work. So healthy and delicious.

I just loved getting outside. I am sure we must both be lacking vitamin D, we have been cooped up so much!

We went to see my lovely Mum in hospital this morning. Her hip replacement operation seemed to go well. She was a little uncomfortable but not in great pain. I will pop in again on my way home from work tomorrow. She has had a steady stream of family in today so she might actually enjoy some peace when we are all back at work tomorrow 😀.

Have a good week. Bye for now.

7 thoughts on “Grow your own

  1. We are over a month away from real spring, so not even thinking gardens yet. I’m going to try some container tomatoes and maybe cucumbers and zuchini.

  2. We grow runner beans, spring onions (loads of them because I love to use them in cooking), tomatoes, leeks and rhubarb. We only have a small vegetable patch and have found these the most successful. We also have two miniature apple trees which will hopefully bear a few more apples than last year…..there were six between them! hoping for another good show of sweet peas this year. I love them.

  3. I agree with your gardening strategy. I need to curb my enthusiasm to grow large amounts of many types and stick to what is most cost-effective. Otherwise, I run out of energy to take care of it all.
    Glad to hear your Mum got through her surgery OK. I am praying for both your parents.

  4. hi
    in my garden grows red,black and white currant,four rhubarb ,gooseberries,and a lot of friut-trees(in container) salad and radish grows in flower boxes and tomatoes,cucumbers,eggplant,zucchinis and paprikas will i plant in buckets.
    greetings from germany,

  5. Lovely photo of you!
    Our garden is very small and as I love to have flowers we don’t grow acres (or even a few yards) of fruit or veg, but I will attempt yet again to grow runner beans in pots – the secret is, I am sure, to keep the blighters’ watered and also in the sunshine! And keep the ruddy snails off them, too!

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