Grocery challenge update: still saving money

grocery challengeLast Friday, because it was pay day for me, I kicked off a grocery challenge. A whole month of shopping on a budget of just £35 a week to feed three of us.

I was pleased that some of you here and on Instagram and Twitter decided to join in, setting your shopping budget  lower than usual to help save a few pounds.

So how is your grocery challenge going?

I have found week one to be very easy. My spending has looked like this:

Initial Lidl shop £16.35

Weekend top up £5.62

Milk top up (Lactofree), £3

Urge for chocolate and junk (will explain later) £3.89

Total: £27.86

Week one was always going to be the easiest week as we still have plenty of basics. As we use those up we are likely to spend more. We also have produce in the garden, so in that sense the summer months are the best time to do a grocery challenge.

However, If you have school age children starting a grocery challenge in the school holidays could be tricky. Mine were like maurauding plagues of hungry locusts at the best of times! At home all day in the holidays? Well…I would love to know how you manage this.

I am going to plan next week’s meals  and go to Lidl tonight for next week’s instalment of the grocery challenge

Sad times

It has been a tough week. Work has been particularly busy and stressful. On top of that, my old cat, Vera, suddenly took ill on Monday.  She stopped eating, hid under the bed and, the worst, started having violent seizures. By Thursday we knew we had to let her go. The vet did blood tests and her kidneys and various other parts of her were shutting down. We had her put to sleep and stayed with her until the end. Then we took her home and buried her under the apple tree. Sad days. RIP Vera. We miss our little companion, who was usually snuggling between Mr S and I when we settled down on the sofa.

This is why I don’t feel bad for the chocolate binge. I was comfort eating! This week I will build a few more treats in.

I hope you had a better week. If you are joining in, how is it going? It isn’t too late, if you want to take part. Let me  know in the comments what budget you are setting and how you get on.

18 thoughts on “Grocery challenge update: still saving money

  1. So sad about your cat, Vera (lovely name for a cat!) Yes, comfort eating, indeed, vitally necessary in times of sadness and stress.
    Your weekly challenge is going well!
    By the way, I’ve added your blog to my new list of Blogs I like on my own blog, Jane.
    Margaret P

  2. So sorry that you have lost Vera, we have had to say goodbye to 4 dogs so far and it will never get any easier,we keep saying no more, but here we are with 2 more. There can never be enough chocolate! Best wishes, Chrissie.

  3. Aww, so sorry to hear about little Vera (((((hugs))))
    My grocery month ended today and I thought I was going to go over the £400, but just totted up today’s shops, and it came to £399.67! Result!! 😀

    So, on that note, and because there will only be 6 of us home and not 7, I’m going to revise my goal for August to be £350 for the month!

    Breaking it down, that’s £87.50 a week – or £43.75 on each of the two shopping trips I make a week – which now I think of it, is more than I spend already!! So I might be able to cut it down even further even with the extra male in the house! 😀

  4. so sorry you lost Vera…every cat I’ve lost has taken a piece of my heart…hugs, the chocolate was very necessary…

    • Thanks. So used to her little furry body on the sofa next to me I feel quite bereft

  5. Poor you losing Vera, chocolate definitely ok….I did my first week shop today at Just under £30, but I have a pretty full freezer and pantry….2 under 10’s on school hols, but, trying to save a bit now to add to holiday spending money later in August.

  6. Sorry to hear about Vera, bless her. I am endeavouring to keep to a weekly shopping budget of £25 for two, so far so good.

  7. As a 3 cats-family, I love their company on the sofa… so sorry to hear about Vera crossing over to cat-heaven. Sad time.

  8. What a shame about Vera. I know how much I missed my cat, Millie, so I do sympathise. Chocolate is totally understandable.

  9. So sorry for your loss…Hang in there.

    I am writing to say that I just stumbled onto your blog and I love it! I am in Lexington, KY USA. I’m looking forward to downsizing my grocery bill and you are a great inspiration. I have spent the last couple of days devouring your blog as much as my schedule will allow. So glad I found you…

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