I do tend to be a grazer as far as food is concerned. I have low blood sugar and get a headache if I go too long between meals (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!). However, nowadays I graze and still eat a full meal! This is why I am fighting the middle age spread.

A lot of people at work subscribe to regular Graze boxes; a genius business idea. You pay a small monthly amount and receive weekly boxes containing healthy snacks such as seeds, nuts and dried fruits with the odd bit of chocolate thrown in for good measure.

imageAll very well, but no good for penny pinchers! So this morning I made me and DD3 our very own graze boxes with some mixed berries, nuts and raisins and almond flakes, all purchased from Aldi to create the perfect cheap healthy snacking experience. No giving into the crisps and chocolate for the Shoestring girls today…