Good News! And More Freebies…I’m a Happy Bunny

paving stones 2Busy busy day today! We packed off our student – adios to the fussy eater – then loaded up the trailer and drove to my friend’s house in Mersea to collect 100 old paving slabs from her garden. We have no idea what we will do with them yet but they are bound to come in handy somewhere in the garden so we couldn’t refuse them. We had to do two journeys and we certainly burned off a few calories lugging them up the garden and into the car then off again the other side!! I thought Mr S was going to expire!

paving stones I had some good news last night. It appears that we are very likely to get a long term student after all – an extremely bright 16 year old  girl who wants to study at the local grammar sixth form. I had a long chat with her dad and he was very nice and seemed to be happy to put his daughter in our hands for a bit. We just need to confirm a few details and hope she gets the required grades and she could be here within the month.

To celebrate the fact that my income will increase – and to make a good impression when she arrives – I am going to finally order my new hall stair carpet this week so that the hall is finally finished. There are lots of other jobs I want to do to make Shoestring Cottage look as inviting as possible as the whole family will arrive together to get her settled in. Exciting!!

My lovely foodie sister in law has decided to clear out her freezer today and wants us to help eat up the bits and pieces she wants used up. It’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it!!! So after all out hard labour I don’t have to cook. Bonus! I will take her some freebies too – I have two little money plants that I grew from cuttings, courgettes, runner beans and tomatoes.

Did you manage any freebies this weekend?

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    That is such good news ( fingers crossed) about your student lodger. I hope she will be a good eater.

  2. Hemstitch

    I’m drowning in runner beans so passed a load on to my neighbour who left me a bunch of her hydrangeas, was given a maslin pan ( for making jam ) by another neighbour and gave her courgettes in return. Was handed an aubergine plant by one allotment neighbour and passed on some gherkins to another. Am waiting for my old mixer to be collected ( via Freecycle ). It’s been a ” hand it on ” kind of weekend!


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