Go outdoors!

I met one of the rangers from the local country park service last week. She runs visits from schools, many based in London. I was really surprised chatting to her to discover that some of the children she encounters have never been for a walk in the woods! Many don’t know what to do when they get there or even own a pair of wellies. Some have shiny new ones purchased specifically for the trip, but they are terrified to get them dirty so avoid all the mud and puddles. They have to be gently guided towards running rampage in the woods, to splash in puddles, to kick leaves and to climb trees.

imageI thought this was incredibly sad to hear,  and thank goodness some schools think of organising such trips so that city kids don’t miss out on discovering the natural environment.

We are blessed in Essex with many wooded areas and country parks, but there are green spaces pretty well everywhere if you take the trouble to seek them out. Few things lift the spirits more than a walk in the countryside on a fine day, or even a grey and drizzly day. We need daylight and to look at trees and plants once in a while. No wonder our kids are overweight and depressed (not to mention their parents).

Me and Me Shoestring made time for a spot of tree hugging yesterday, though we were both tired and had things to do, and felt better for it 🙂