Glutney Chutney!

I found an interesting recipe to use up the summer glut on the Love Food Hate Waste website for Hugh Fearnley-Whittinstall’s ‘glutney’ – chutney made with courgettes, tomatoes, onions and apples. So, perfect for me at the moment! I made six jars last night in between feeding everyone, sorting a load of laundry and having a bit of a tidy up.

imageIt is looking quite promising but will need to be left a few weeks to mature.

You can find the recipe here if you are interested:

A friend has just told me that a tablespoon of chutney is really nice added to stews or casseroles. I will try it! She also whizzes it up with cooked pulses to make a veggie dip, which sounds as if it might have potential.

Anyone else still preserving the summer glut?

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