Girls Night In

popcorn02Once a week me and DD3 and whichever other daughters are around sit down together to watch a film. We might have recorded something or we might get a film from the DVD shop. We make ourselves a huge bowl of popcorn, delicious with a bit of melted butter mixed in and some salt, and if I have any in the fridge I will treat myself to a cold glass of white wine. We might do ourselves a manicure whilst we watch. It costs hardly anything and is fun!

devil-wears-prada1It’s nice to have a bit of girlie time, as I am always so busy with work, the house and the garden. Making a regular slot to do this means we are guaranteed a bit of quality time and assuages the guilt I have about working full time and leaving DD3 particularly to sort the tea or wash up (although I think it is good for my kids to be capable and independant too).

Last night we watched the Devil Wears Prada – an oldie but goodie. Meryl Streep is brilliant in everything she does and it is really a clever and stylish film. It’s not always easy to find films we all like! We have watched some stinkers!

If anyone has any suggestions for good films that are likely to appeal to both a 50 year old and a 16 year old they would be welcome 🙂

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  1. luxeformuchless

    Steel Magnolia’s? I also love a Rom Com so have loads in common with my girls who also love them. I picked up two DVD’s in the Blockbuster closing down sale, one was “One Day” which is good and appealed to us all and we are similar age groups to you and yours. I haven’t watched the other ones yet. x

  2. luxeformuchless

    Sorry but your gonna get sick of me having found your blog and trawling back through your posts! I just remembered a film I really love Cemetary Junction, it was on tv recently and Walk The Line the Johnny Cash story is one of the best films I have ever watched. x