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It’s so nice to have some spare time at home. Anyone who works full time and runs a home will know how hard it can be to keep on top of things after a busy day at work. As I am back in the office tomorrow I am glad I have got myself really organised here.

The meals are planned for the week and the shopping is done. The house is clean – I will have a run round again with the vacuum cleaner today to get things spic and span. The laundry is up to date although I do need to iron a few things ready for the office. I have been through the bank statement too and know how much we will have over once all the direct debits have gone out. It will be tight but as I am spending nothing unless it is essential we should manage.

Mr S laughs at me but I need to be organised to feel in control of my finances and my life generally. I am the same at work – I am queen of lists to make sure everything gets completed and on time.

At home being organised saves me time and money; at work it saves me time and stress! Does anyone else like a list?

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  1. It is because you keep track of your bank statements and spending that Mr S is able to laugh, bless him. If things went t*ts up and your family spending was out of control, he’d not be laughing then, would he? If more people did what you are doing (and what I have always done – checked the statement regularly, mentally deducted the outgoings and the payments pending) they’d be in less of a fiscal black hole.
    Evan at my great age, if I have a lot of tasks that I wish to accomplish, there’s nothing better than a list, not necessarily in priority order but simply a list, to help you get things done. Everything can go on it from emptying the re-cycling stuff to writing someone’s birthday card. I must stop now while I make my list!
    Margaret P

    • I had 4 children and a full time job, I was queen of the lists. I had a shopping list a menu list a to do list to name but a few. The menu list was sellotaped to the inside of a kitchen cupboard door, so my eldest Daughter knew what we were having and was able to prep the veg for me.

      In the door, coat off, supper on the table within 30 – 45 minutes.

      I still have a menu list and shopping list, check the bank everyday and have a cleaning routine. The only thing I do not have a list for is ironing!! Apart from the odd shirt and bed linen, laundry gets folded and put away.

      I have no idea how we would manage without lists.

      • I have just managed to get to the bottom of the ironing pile for the first time in a while, and I barely iron anything! Still, it feels like an achievement

  2. Oh I would not be able to survive without lists!
    Each month I create a Word document calendar (yes I know there are easier ways, but this works for me!) which I check several times a day and which includes
    things I need to remember for the entire family – colour coded by type of entry (appointments, school closures, “penciled in” activities that haven’t yet been confirmed etc)
    a meal for every day (can be exchanged with any other meal within that week for flexibility)
    to-dos/daily household chore plan.

    I also set aside a time each week to update my monthly budget and check everything is still on track.
    It sounds like a lot of work, but after a while it becomes second nature and only takes a few minutes a day/week to do, but the benefits of being in control save me more time in the long run!

  3. I was much more on top of things with three kids at home than one I feel. 2017 I channel my inner young mom. Meal planning and prep, entry, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry need better attention. Lists will be my friend again.

  4. thx for this blog.. very encouraging! as I’m Scottish, we get an extra day’s public holiday to recover/slob, so de-cluttering and cleaning will start tomorrow!

  5. I used to detest and chafe at lists, I felt as if it was something that was trying to ‘control’ me and I wanted to be free to do what I want when I wanted. However, now that I’ve gotten older, I prefer a list. For one thing, I have a list of what a need to do in my mind, but if I don’t write it down, I can’t stay focused, nor accomplish much at all! I have a grocery list of course, a list of long term goals for the month or year, and I really enjoy a daily list of tasks I need to do. And yes, like you, I enjoy how a list helps keep me organized as I LOVE organization–from closets, to kitchen or clothing drawers, finances, fabric, etc. If I’m not organized, I feel scattered.

  6. WhenI worked full time and had long days travelling I used to like to know that everything was organised and under control when I was returning to work after a holiday, so I know EXACTLY where you’re coming from here. I was, and still am, a list maker. I rather like spreadsheets too!!

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