Getting organised

I have barely got the Welsh wind out of my hair and I am back in Crazy Busy Jane mode. I want to get organised before I go back to work tomorrow. I would love to keep that holiday feeling going but there is too much to do!

Luckily, lovely daughter no 3 did all the cleaning whilst I was away. She also cooked us dinner last night so we could take it a bit easy after our long drive home. What a treasure she is. Although, as she is now officially on her gap year, I need her to get a job!

Grass needs cutting…

I can’t face Aldi on a Sunday and fighting for a parking space so I will do a small shop to last a few days in Sainsburys and do a proper one on Tuesday after work. One of the cats needs to go to the vet at Pets at Home first though -it is so handy that they are open on Sunday! I don’t regret moving from my ridiculously expensive rip off vet. They seem very efficient and nice at Pets at Home.

…hedge needs trimming…

I need to do some gardening too and pick some broad beans and currants. I will freeze the latter to make jelly when I have enough. Red currant jelly is a thing of beauty on your toast!

…greenhouse needs sorting!!!

I have quite a few items to list for eBay and one to pack up for posting tomorrow. Listing always takes much longer than you think it will, taking nice photos and writing a decent description. Anything I sell will go in my new Bongo camper fund!!

I also have a huge pile of ironing but I think that may need to wait until after work and the gym tomorrow. Yes, Monday is one of my gym nights and I am determined to keep it going and get fit again.

So back to the humdrum. What do you have planned for your Sunday? I hope it’s a bit more exciting than mine!

3 thoughts on “Getting organised

  1. My grass needs mowing, will do that today, but I’m pleased I bought a cheap Aldi hedge trimmer, it makes the job a lot quicker. Need to fill the brown bin with garden trimmings.

  2. My Aldi is a nightmare on Sundays, Lidl is even worse. Mind you a did a fantastic shop a Lidl yesterday. Could I please have your ebay name, will check out your stuff. Many thanks.

    • Hi Gillian, I have mainly posh frocks for sale at the moment. I am on as seller:janeysboutique and seller:janeybgood51. No Lidl here yet but one is on the way!

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