Getting My Menus Organised…

Pavlova, ready for the oven

Pavlova, ready for the oven

I plan to hit Aldi after work today, but it should be a reasonably inexpensive shop as I am still working my way through the yellow stickered meat I got a couple of weeks ago in Asda as well as my store cupboard. DD3 wants to eat healthy low fat lunches, which means buying a lot of salad! I will use eggs, ham or tuna with this.

My lovely friend Paula has invited me round for dinner on Friday, so I am making the pudding. I made the meringue last night and will finish it off with some whipped cream and fruit just before I go to her house. I thought this was reasonably inexpensive. I also have to make a chocolate cake for DD3’s birthday at the weekend. I don’t think that will be healthy or low fat! She can have a day off for her 16th 🙂

So this week’s menu plan is as follows:

Tonight – yellow stickered pork loin steaks with spring greens and spuds
Friday – just two daughters in. They are having yellow stickered chicken steaks with chips and peas
Saturday – treating the family to a meal out at a Hungry Horse (very good value!) for DD3’s birthday
Sunday – chicken cooked in a sauce from Approved Foods with veg
Monday – sausages and mash
Tuesday – macaroni cheese and salad
Wednesday – spaghetti with sardines
Thursday – veggie enchiladas using the rest of the Approved Foods kit from last week

Scarily I heard a rumour today that we might be facing a pay cut where I work if we lose an allowance. This could be around £900 a year for me :-(. I should find out for sure next week. If I tighten my belt any more I won’t be able to take a breath! Onwards and upwards – it’s all we can do!


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  1. AuntLeesie

    I’ve been following your blog for awhile now; this is my first comment (if it goes through). In our small town on California’s coast, we have an informal food co-op that helps. My 93 yr. old neighbor volunteers at the food bank Harvest Bag program. I cook for him and his wife, and each week I get a bag of overflow free veggies… sometimes even bread and meat. A few times per month, some gets set aside for DS1 to bring to coworkers with families; one of those raises chickens, so we get fresh eggs from her. We also get leftover cinnamon rolls on the nights he closes, and those get shared. Other neighbors share from their gardens and vice versa. We never know what ingredients we’ll have to work with from week to week, but it’s a great little co-op that really isn’t formally organized in any way. Right now I’m cooking up free dry beans in a broth made from a ham bone that’d been in my freezer, plus free celery, onion and garlic with herbs from the garden. We’ll have a meal with free bread, then send over an ample amount next door. LOVE your meal planning!

    1. ChickenladyJane Post author

      Thanks for your comment. I love that – it is a rare thing to have that kind of community spirit. How brilliant that you all share what you don’t need. We could do with more of that in the world.

  2. AuntLeesie

    Well, if you don’t share, it goes to spoil. The local grocery stores donate their less-than-perfect produce, day old bread and (in our case) red tagged meats that have been first frozen to the food bank Harvest Bag program. Sometimes greens are a little wilted, but soaked in cold water, they come back to life. Fruit, potatoes or tomatoes might have a few small bruises. Most home grown garden produce doesn’t look perfect, either. It’s all still edible!


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