Getting a new energy supplier

I managed NOT to save money on my energy bill today and I really don’t mind!! I was scouring the energy comparison websites for a decent looking deal with a company with good reviews on their customer service all lunch time and I came up with a small company called Green Star Energy. So. I have switched on the basis that they cannot be more useless than First Utility.

FU, as I fittingly call them, have still not sorted out my on going complaint that is with the energy ombudsman. I was going to switch when it is resolved but I just don’t trust them to record the meter readings I give them accurately. I currently have no idea of how much I actually should be paying. I probably owe them money but I can’t get a figure out of them. I hope it won’t interfere with my switch – we shall see!

I got home to find that DD3 had made a spaghetti bolognese and emptied the dishwasher. What a love! She is on half term but revising for her GCSEs so I don’t like to overload her with chores.

Plenty to go round!

Plenty to go round!


We had an entertaining but tiring day entertaining family yesterday so I need a quiet night. The huge pasta bakes and chilli went down a treat and amazingly nearly all
got eaten. They all had lunch and pud then went back for seconds a few hours later!