Gardening in the Dark…

bulbsWeekends often seem busier and more exhausting than weekdays – I go to work on a Monday for a rest! But they are also incredibly productive and enjoyable. I feel focussed on my goals: to be debt free, to stay in this house and continue to pay the mortgage, and to start to build up some savings so that I have cash to pay for my car insurance, for emergencies, for Christmas and birthdays and even, one day, for a holiday. It is early in my journey, but I will get there!

I also want my house and garden to be a haven. This means spending time (but as little money as possible) making the house warm, attractive and comfortable, and making the garden as productive as possible whilst still being full of flowers and shrubs.

Justin up the ladderSo today Mr Shoestring and myself were hard at work, cleaning the fridge and oven and more mould off the windows, then outside: Mr Shoestring up a ladder working on the Freecycled shed (the frame of the extended roof is in place, the sides are up and felted and some of the actual roof is now on) and me weeding the beds and planting the daffodils and tulip bulbs that Mr Shoestring treated me to last weekend. I planted up 4 pots of bulbs ready for the Spring, with a layer of tulips planted deeply, and the daffs on top. This will hopefully give us pots of lovely yellow daffodils and as they die back the tulips will start to bloom. I also began to put bulbs around the flower beds – I ran out of time as it gets dark so early at the moment. Whilst I could still just about see in the dusk I managed to rake up a couple of wheelbarrow loads of leaves for the compost heap, then managed to drag Mr S off his ladder and in for a cup of tea and a cuddle with the kitten.

I have also managed to make a load of flapjacks for the lunchboxes this week, if they last that long. I will post the recipe in the week.

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