Gardener’s Delight

I spent the day with my Significant Other tidying up the vegetable garden and the greenhouse. I had planned the gym at some point, but am now so shattered I think slobbing in front of Strictly might be a better option.

DiggingWe cleared out the old tomato and pepper plants from the greenhouse, dug over the beds and smothered them in compost from one of our heaps (why wouldn’t you make your own compost? It is free!). We dug out our Black Eyed Susan plants from the pots they were in and put them to over winter in the greenhouse. They are so lovely we didn’t want to lose them and they wouldn’t survive a harsh winter.

We cleared the old runner bean and courgette plants, pruned all the fruit bushes, took the bottom leaves off the sprouts to put more energy into the buds and gave everything a good weed and dig over.

Loads of organic matter went onto the compost heap, so more fantastic nutrients for the spring hopefully.

It was getting dark by the time I took this, but you get the idea...nice tidy veg patches

It was getting dark by the time I took this, but you get the idea…nice tidy veg patches

We are still reaping the rewards of our labours. Today I picked the very last courgette, a few final tomatoes and peppers, leeks and celeriac.

We have spent so much time on the veggie patch over the last year the rest of the garden is suffering. If we have a few more beautiful Autumn days like today we need to get out again to clear the flower beds and get some more bulbs in.

We could have spent the day shopping, which seems to be so many people’s preoccupation on a Sunday, but it was brilliant to get some fresh air and sunshine instead.

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  1. Jo

    I am enjoying your blog, and love your vegie gardens. I would so much rather spend a day in the garden than a day at the shops! And who needs the gym when you have spent all day digging?


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