Frugal habits to keep up with the cost of living

I heard on the news today that the cost of living in the uk has risen by 2.3% in the past year. Food itself has gone up by 1%. This is ok if your salary keeps up with it, but I have had a paltry 1% increase this year. Heaven knows how larger families manage. So, what can you do? What frugal habits will make a difference?

Frugal habits to cultivate

How about a side hustle? There are some ideas for making extra money here.

You can save money on your grocery bill with a bit of careful planning and savvy shopping. Developing some frugal habits around your food shop can save you tons of money.

Then we have your energy bills. Some ideas that I have tried can be found here. You can also haggle down the cost of your utilities.

Running a car can be a huge expense but it is possible to be frugal here too. This is how I save money on motoring.

Do you spend too much on clothes? You can slash costs if you embrace the idea of buying second hand. I am a happy second-hand Rose.

Days out also don’t have to cost the earth. My tips are here.

This is just a quick compilation of ideas to help you develop more frugal habits. I hope they help! And don’t forget to check out my frugal recipes.

What frugal habits help you to cope with the rising cost of living?

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  1. Every idea is useful I’ve gotten 2.5% the past two years, but health insurance increase took a large chunk, so am probably left just breaking even with inflation.

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