Frugal Friday 

Having fallen asleep in bed at 8.30 on Thursday night (almost unheard of) I actually had some energy after work yesterday. I picked up DD3 and we went to Lidl to get the week’s groceries as it isn’t usually crazy busy and it’s easy to park. We only spent £44 but will need to get some bits from elsewhere over the weekend. Hopefully I can keep to a £50 budget.

Dinner had to be as easy and uncomplicated as possible so I stuck some sweet potatoes into bake whilst we were out. We cooked up some omelettes and veggies when we got home for a speedy frugal supper. I am a fan of simple food!

Our lodger is proving to be extremely easy to live with. It is a Monday to Friday arrangement so we have the weekends to ourselves, but even during the week we don’t see much of her. She makes her dinner when she gets back from work and we have a little chat in the kitchen then she either goes out or disappears to her room for the evening. Last week she was only here Tuesday to Thursday – I feel guilty taking her rent!

I wish she was staying longer but at the moment she plans to go to Camp America in May and I will have to readvertise. I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Does anyone else have a lodger? How are you finding it?

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  1. No, never had a lodger, but well done on getting such an amenable and friendly one. Hope the next one will be as nice.
    We like simple foods, too. I don’t mind cooking but I don’t want to spend my life in the kitchen. I love a cooking/baking morning when that is all I do and then freeze some things so that they are there, ready to be defrosted (naturally, overnight in the fridge usually as we don’t have a microwave, we’ve never wanted one) and then cooked or thoroughly re-heated. We love omelettes and have those usually with a side salad. I expect if you are much younger and working you need more energy than us, so I don’t serve potatoes with omelettes and if we do want a bit more with the omelette and salad, then we have half (yes, half) a slice of granary bread as well. As the omelette goes onto a hot plate, I put the side salad on a saucer which I then pop onto the hot plate, this keeps the salad nice and cold. I can’t bear hot food on a cold plate, or cold food on a hot plate!
    Margaret P

  2. I love omelettes and eat them regularly. Mushroom or cheese are my favourites but some extra lean ham is nice too. I also really like sweet potatoes. My husband isn’t keen but this is one area where it’s no bother to cater for different tastes.

    Never had at lodger. I think you are very brave so it is good that it’s worked out so well.

  3. Yes, I,m on my 5th lodger in 5 years.
    All have been absolutely lovely, present lodger too.
    All have tended to cook supper then go to their rooms, they do have use of lounge and conservatory,
    but prefer own room with tv work space.
    Present lodger is Aussie, when not working spends her time planning where to travel next to, is away most weekends and holidays, is not a mon to fri let.
    She has been here a year will prob stay another year until work visa runs out.
    Guess secret is choosing someone who has a busy life, wants to explore the Country.have check able references.
    My lodgers have been from Finland, India, Denmark,Ireland now Australia.
    I thoroughly enjoy them, keeps me young, have kept in touch with them all.
    Bonus is helping pay off the mortgage!.
    Will probably still have lodgers when mortgage is gone, they add to enrich my life too.

      • Spare
        Remember having a discussion about it before you got your lodger.
        Glad things are working out
        Why not start advertising now, it generally takes about 6 weeks, people don’t show up, change there mind etc, gives you plenty time to interview them. I set a minimum of 6 months otherwise would be too much hassle.
        If someone wants the room, I always get deposit before they move in, learnt lesson as 3 years ago chose 1 young lady, she changed her mind the night before, I lost a months rent having to find someone else.

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