Frugal Friday May 2017: How has your week been?

Frugal Friday is a good day to think about this week’s frugal accomplishments. I returned home from holiday on Tuesday to find quite a bit of food sitting around – darling daughter didn’t appear to have eaten much whilst we were away! I hate food waste. There was a lot of fruit hanging about so I thought I would tackle that first.

Frugal Friday achievement no 1: Banana loaf and fruit salad

frugal fridayWe had a large bunch of black bananas that I couldn’t just dump. I considered putting them in the freezer to make something later, but I decided to bite the bullet and use them up straight away. I also had quite a few oranges and a bag of walnuts, so it had to be Delia Smith’s super frugal banana and walnut loaf. The recipe asks for lemons as well as oranges, but since I had none I just doubled up on the oranges. You only use the peel in the recipe so I shredded that then cut up the fruit to make a fruit salad with some grapes and apples that needed using. I made two loaves, one to eat now and another for the freezer.

Frugal Friday achievement no 2: Excellent value on holiday

frugal friday

Fabulous pic of the Caves of Drach taken by Mr S!

Our holiday turned out to be excellent value for money so I can add that to my Frugal Friday list. Because we went fully inclusive we barely spent anything. We did have a delicious meal in a restaurant for Mr S’s 50th, however. It was a beautiful place overlooking the port on a gorgeous sunny evening.

The food was excellent quality and well worth splashing out on. We also had a trip to the Caves of Drach in Porto Cristou. They were truly stunning and I highly recommend them if you ever visit Mallorca. Other than that, we had a very relaxing time, walking, swimming and sunbathing (oh, and eating and drinking far too much!).

The hotel very kindly delivered a bottle of fizz and two glasses to our room for Mr S’s birthday. We saved this for the following day and sat decadently drinking it on the beach!

We had to catch the coach to the airport at 7.30 am on Tuesday, so we shot into the restaurant first and grabbed some coffee and breakfast and also made up some cheese and ham rolls to have on the plane with some fruit. Well, we were fully inclusive and our frugal tendancies got the better of us!

Frugal Friday achievement no 3: A frugal shop

As I said yesterday, I restocked a few things in B&M, as they are excellent value for money. I nipped into Sainsbury’s too for some Lactofree milk and yogurts as they aren’t available in Aldi or Lidl. It would save me so much money if the discount supermarkets stocked Lactofree products. I plan a bigger shop once I have used up what we already have in the fridge, freezer and cupboards.

Frugal Friday achievement no 4: excellent eBay sales

I was very pleased that I sold several items whilst I was on holiday. As my daughter was at home and works shifts, she was able to package them and take them to the post office for me. I have done the best ever in my 60 day total. I hope to list some more things at the weekend.  This is a really useful extra income stream for me.

So, this is my frugal Friday, and this is what the cat thinks of it all!

frugal friday

10 thoughts on “Frugal Friday May 2017: How has your week been?

  1. Best if all, the picky of our moggie! Oh, that’s so funny!
    I like to use bananas up like this, and if pushed for time, give everyone a banana milk shake, too. Just the bananas and milk and it’s delicious. Nourishing, light and filling.
    So glad you had a good holiday, and that it didn’t break the budget. Lovely to do that for Mr Shoestring’s special birthday. For my 50th we had fish and chips on Plymouth Hoe, even more frugal ha ha ha! But it was fun, it must’ve been as I’ve not forgotten it!
    Have a good Bank Holiday weekend. We don’t venture forth on Bank Holidays, living in a holiday area (Torbay) as the place is heaving with tourists. We stay firmly put in our garden if fine and indoors if wet.
    Margaret P

  2. Hi

    Glad to hear you had a great holiday. The caves look spectacular and something I will do should I get to Mallorca.

    Lactofree milk is something I use tons of and at £1.42 a carton it certainly isn’t cheap however I always look on each of the supermarkets websites to see who has it on offer. It’s just finished at Morrisons and is now at Tesco…. 3 cartons for £3. As it has a good shelf life it’s worth stocking up. The offer is good until 13 June I think the website said so I’m sure it will go to Asda or Sainos next. Glad it’s back on offer as there’s been a couple of months with no offers.

    Hope this helps

    • Yes I get tons when it’s £1 somewhere but am a bit lazy about checking to see where the deals are

  3. Smart thinking grabbing some food for the plane. I work in an elementary school and we had a picnic on the lawn. The librarian and I set up a blanket and snacks for any kids whose parents couldn’t (or wouldn’t) come. One of the little girls who sat with us asked if she might take an extra cookie bar in her lunchbox “for later”… I found that especially endearing!

  4. I’ve had a frugal month, not just a week. I have spent just under £100 on food. The primary intention, rather than saving money, was to use up my stockpiled food in cupboards and freezer, but it has also saved money of course. I will do another “food audit” at the end of May and work out whether I could do it for another month. The food needs to be used as I hate the idea of throwing it away. The, I hope, I will have learned to be a better shopper!

  5. Just want to say I always enjoy your blog. I pop in from Meanqueen’s sidebar. I am always happy to have sliced bananas in zip lock bags in my freezer for making milk shakes so I never throw out the over ripe ones. The frozen bananas make the shakes very thick….way better than if the bananas are not frozen. I add other fresh or frozen fruit in plus some ice cubes.

    • Great idea to slice them up before you freeze them. I will use that bone, thanks. I love Ilona, amazing woman!

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