Frugal DIY: Shoestring Cottage presents …

Frugal DIY

We finally put the finishing touches on our little second sitting room at the weekend. I am really pleased with it. It is clean, bright and feels so much warmer. Our frugal DIY efforts have paid off and it is ready for a lodger.

I still need to complete the downstairs loo. I am going to try to make time to do a bit on Saturday morning, continuing my little and often approach to life!

A weed free gardenFrugal gardening too

We also spent a lot of Sunday weeding and tidying the front garden on Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny autumn day and great to get out in the fresh air. It is looking a bit smarter now but there is still so much to do. I want to make it much more low maintenance so I am planting shrubs and grasses and mulching with shredded bark to keep the weeds down.

I will do a few hours whenever I can to get it tidy for winter. We will get there …

Anyone else got the frugal DIY bug?

7 thoughts on “Frugal DIY: Shoestring Cottage presents …

  1. Very pretty-relaxing room. Wejpulled some dead shrubs las year and finally got the stumps up. shrub grass might be a good change from the evergreen plants that were there. fall has been wonderful here as well, despite a day here and there for rain, mild temps and good walking weather.

  2. Room looks lovely!.
    Not convinced it was needed though.
    May cost a lot on heat and light in the winter!. Lodgers do not care about heating bills and is their right to use heat electric as they want!. As they are paying for it.
    Lodgers over the years I,ve had tend to make their room their world. Seldom visit sitting room. When they do all lights etc left on in room.
    Potential is 2 rooms heated like saunas n all lights on in both, as well they have paid for that!.
    Not sure you could charge more than a single room. People in spare room go by price location, and really just wan,t a room.
    Prove me wrong!.

    • We shall see. I would pay a bit more for the privacy if I was renting but anyway it will be easier to have a lodger if they have their own space as we like ours! As for the lights and heating, I am used to running around turning things off from having teenagers, so I will do the same

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