Frugal achievements 

Although March wasn’t a no spend month as January and February were, it was a low spend period. I am forever trying to make my money go further in many small ways. There is nothing life changing in this list, but every little helps! Here are some of my steps towards frugality for March:

Listed and sold several items on eBay

Took cuttings from our unusual multicoloured wallflowers – free plants!

Made a cake as a gift for my parents

Saved some old wine by freezing it in ice cube trays for cooking

Made chicken stock from old carcasses.

Reduced the amount of sachet food I give the cats and increased their dry food (cheaper and better for their teeth).

Took advantage of the Aldi super six offers to buy butternut squashes for soup at 49p each. This should cover our work lunches.

Sowed tomato seeds for the greenhouse. These were free Heinz seeds my daughter picked up! Should be interesting.

Sowed courgettes and broadbeans.

Purchased a lovely pair of curtains for our upcoming redecoration of the lounge. These were from eBay in great used condition for £20.

I think I must also have saved money over the course of the month by not eating sugar. This was much easier than I anticipated. I broke the sugar fast with a slice of lemon drizzle cake yesterday. However, I still intend to keep my consumption of refined sugar very low. I feel better for it!

It is a glorious day here and we have been using the green gym in the garden, i.e. digging and weeding! So I am saving more money and getting my exercise for free! Have a great week.

3 thoughts on “Frugal achievements 

  1. We’re in the middle of sanding and painting our 80s ‘ginger’ pine spare bedroom furniture, can’t wait to see it finished and in the little bedroom. We’ve been here 5 years now and the fitted wardrobes are far too good condition to replace even though they looked so dated in cream. A few coats of white paint and new crystal knobs they look lovely. Also replacing the knobs on the chest of drawers and bedside cabinets, I’ve been looking for something to replace them and held off cos couldn’t decide. In clearing out the garage this weekend we found exactly the right number of more crystal knobs, I must have decided on them a few years ago and forgotten we had them . Big result as they were bought on the internet at a fraction of the price in b & q.
    Also made the decision to reuse the beautifully made lined curtains left by previous owners. Not my choice but it’s the third bedroom and they are a bit faded in places so couldn’t have sold them for much but it adds to their charm! Criminal not to do all this really. I’ve got two big boxes of books to go through and see if I can Ziffit them or sell them on our local Facebook buy and sell page.

    Happy I’ve found your blog and a couple of other like-minded ones, really making me try and re-evaluate how I do so many things. Thank you for your time and hard work writing it.

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