Frugal Accomplishments – I discover I did achieve something this week!

imageI am taking a tip from the Prudent Homemaker (nice blog – lovely photography) and have been listing my recent frugal achievements. This is excellent for motivation!

1. Picked and froze  4 lbs of courgettes

2. Picked and froze 3lb greengages

3. Washed and cleaned my own car

4. Laid some free vinyl flooring in the downstairs loo

5. Line dried all the laundry

6. Baked a loaf of bread

7. Picked and froze 3 lb blackberries

8. Bagged some bargain cat food at Sainsbury’s. £1 off the usual posh cat sachets they like (£3.50 a box instead of £4.50)and £5 off a huge bag of cat biscuits, which was £10 instead of £15 (fussy cats! They will only eat a couple of brands)

9. Added water to all the bottles of hand wash in the house to make them go further

10. Cycled to my friend’s house for dinner instead of driving and took a lovely bottle of cava round that cost £5.49 instead of £12

11. Sowed some spring greens and carrots on the veg patch

12. Went through my bank statements with a fine tooth comb and found two payments that shouldn’t have been taken, so refunds of £175 on the way! This is why I should check them more often!!

13. Ate only home grown vegetables apart from potatoes – they are quite cheap so I usually only grow new potatoes

14. Had paying students for the past 6 weeks

imageThere! I thought I was so busy I had achieved nothing! There is nothing like a list! I will be on a soup making frenzy at some point this weekend as well so that we can eat more of our own veg into the autumn.

What were your frugal accomplishments this week?

10 thoughts on “Frugal Accomplishments – I discover I did achieve something this week!

  1. AuntLeesie

    To list my frugal accomplishments, I need to preface that we have an informal food co-op with our elderly neighbors. He volunteers (at 94!!) with the food bank and local Farmer’s Market. I cook their meals, and each week he brings two bags of produce. It’s a blessing, as we’re in a serious drought in CA and I haven’t been able to grow veggies this year. So… okie doke…

    I cut a $22 whole, boneless pork loin into two roasts for the freezer and 13 thin pork chops; DS1 grilled the chops all at once, we had 2 meals from that, and then I made 2 big batches of grilled pork and vegetable stir fry from free veggies, so for about $11 six adults had dinners and lunches for days.

    Cooked & ate only out of the freezer, fridge and pantry this week, wasting nothing. Our only grocery purchase was milk.

    Used semi-homemade laundry soap on 6 loads of laundry. I buy a seriously cheap detergent (Roma) and combine it with baking soda in a large tub; it gets out stains like a dream for a fraction of name brand detergent.

    Read a good book, wrote a few reviews and took enough online quick surveys to earn more than $10 in credit towards a gift card.

    Nabbed some great online deals on Christmas gifts for my mom and mil… 71 cents each for corduroy slacks, and $3.00 each for blouses to go with. Each new outfit cost less than $5.00.

    Went through my bead stash to plan matching jewelry for their outfits. I make beaded jewelry as a hobby, and often take apart “old” pieces to re-use the beads.

    Saved seeds from a melon to plant in the garden once rainy season comes. Combined the melon with cucumber for a tasty-if-unusual salad. Made my own honey vinaigrette with free honey from a friend.

    Used some essential oil I had (lemongrass) to save the top of our dresser… it had gotten marred and I was frantic is would be ruined. The oil and lots of rubbing got it looking brand new.

  2. Anglynn

    It’s difficult for me to remember what I accomplished. I say I am going to write things down, then I forget to do that.
    For my age, I am a mover!

  3. Sarina

    I managed to make soft soap and discovered that I can use it for several cleaning purposes as well as washing laundry. This will save me considerably on my shopping bills.
    I changed my hair washing regime to using a water and baking soda solution, thus able to ditch commercial hair products all together now. Another money saving idea.
    Managed to tidy my front garden in two days, so it`s now ready for winter, and I can now concentrate on my large back garden which will need lots of work to be brought back into shape.
    Cleaned the house from top to bottom yesterday and discovered items long I`d missed, hidden in corners.
    Picked 2.5 kg of blackberries the other day and made us plenty of boozy bramble jam for the winter.

  4. My Simpel Life

    i picked 2.00 kg of blackberries and froze it.
    i made with the blackberries from the last year a lot of jelly .
    i baked sweet -brötchen.
    i picked and froze 3kg zucchinis for the winter.
    i picked 2 salad cucumbers and made a salad.
    i found a reduced watermelon for 0,99 euro,that was a good bargain. i will made watermelon jam and watermelon -likör,
    have a nice week,

      1. My Simpel Life

        i use a special jam sugar which we use here in germany …….it called Gelierzucker 2.1.
        It works well.Maybe can you found it in the supermarket.
        My recipe
        1 kilogram of watermelon
        1 packet of jam sugar
        1 teaspoon cinnamon
        2 teaspoon lemon juice
        I hope that was helpful for you.
        Have a wonderful evening,


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