Foraging and the fruits of our labours

I saw our students off this morning before work. They were perfectly pleasant but it’s always good to get the house back to ourselves and not to be tied. If we want egg on toast in front of the TV instead of a proper dinner we can! We don’t do it often and I tend to cook but it’s nice to have the option! The money is so handy and most of it has gone into the savings for our holiday in September. 

We seem to have quite a lot of food in the house at the moment so we will be eating from the stores until payday, although I will need to pop into Asda for fruit and cat food on my way back from work in the next couple of days. 

I know I am sad but I was so excited to find loads of fruit on the plum tree tonight – it doesn’t take much to make me happy 😜. It is three years old and last year it produced one plum which the birds ate. We have about 20 on there currently, not ripe yet. I hope they taste nice when they are ready. I am still picking blueberries as we have had a bumper crop this year.  They are delicious and so good for you. 

I plan to drag Mr S out foraging for blackberries this weekend. If I can fill the freezer  we will be able to eat pies and crumbles all winter, which we love with custard. Plus a friend has told me where there are lots of plums ready for scrumping. Maybe I won’t buy too much fruit from Asda!

Any good foraging where you are?

4 thoughts on “Foraging and the fruits of our labours

  1. Yes I forage for brambles, for Jam and crumbles. I may try rosehips this year for extra vitamin c. Being a northern person (Cumbrian) now living in the West London, its a natural time for me to prepare for winter. I like doing pickles and chutney for Christmas. This weekend for me its checking coats, gloves hats. I just like to do this at this time of year. Nuts I know.

  2. Your comment about one plum on the tree last year reminded me of an incident about 30 years ago. We too had a plum tree which, for the first time,had produced a plum. Just the one. I excitedly watched it growing day by day and decided that it would be ready to harvest within a few days. My then 6 year old son came in from playing footballin the garden and said…”Mummy, you know that plum that used to be on the tree….”. It never again produced a single plum!

  3. The blackberries in NW London seem very poor this year – dried up before they had a chance to ripen. 🙁
    That’s all we have in the way of wild food!

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