Five Fabulously Frugal things I have done this week, 2nd June 2017

five fabulously frugal thingsAnother week gone, and a muggy one at that. It has been expensive in some ways,  I have a lot of family birthdays in May and June. So I need to at least achieve five fabulously frugal things!

Frugal thing no. 1

five fabulously frugal thingsLast night I did a small shop in Lidl. We didn’t need that much as there is a lot in the cupboards, but I did intend to splurge on some steaks and salmon as we have a family meal tonight for my daughter’s birthday.

I was pleased as I found some marinated salmon with Lidl’s orange 30% off stickers, so bought a couple of packs along with a reduced chicken, some mince and a couple of the chicken kievs. These will be an easy tea for my daughter, who works shifts. Unfortunately no reduction on the steaks, but I only needed two of those

I was surprised at the total as I| was in a discount supermarket and had done quite a small shop for the week. I checked my receipt and – get this – the cashier had charged me £26.70 for a box of six eggs! Because she was too busy chatting to her colleague rather than concentrating on the job in hand she somehow hit x30 after the price. Sigh! It’s a good job I am on the ball.

five fabulously frugal things

They cannot be serious!

Frugal thing no. 2

I remembered the amazing deodorising properties of bicarbonate of soda to combat my kitchen bins. They had become a bit ripe in the heat, especially the food waste one. It has so many uses that every home should have a big bag for frugal cleaning, personal care and getting rid of smells. I blogged about this yesterday.

Frugal thing no. 3

On Sunday I went to the boot sale. I got some great finds to resell. I am doing quite well at the moment and it is a really useful income stream for me. This prompted a blog post on How to Present clothes on eBay. So many people go to the trouble of listing items but the photos are so poor potential customers can’t really see what is on offer!

On a similar note, I met up with fellow blogger Faith Archer on Saturday in Hadleigh in Suffolk. Faith runs the More With Less blog. We had a tour of the lovely charity shops in Hadleigh and I bought a top for work and a couple more items that I will list on eBay.

Frugal thing no. 4

I mentioned my darling daughter has a birthday today. She asked for a jacket from Nasty Gal (no, I hadn’t heard of them either!) so I checked on Top Cash Back to see if they were on there and they were – with a generous 8.4% cash back on purchases. I only recently signed up with this site and have made just three purchases. I already have £34.50 on my account! This is a good habit to get into when making online purchases I think. If you join using the link above I will receive a small referral fee.

Frugal thing no. 5

Ages ago I mentioned that I had bought a copy of Gardener’s World Magazine because it had a 2 for 1 card on hundreds of open gardens around the UK. We have used it once but used it again for a return visit to the beautiful Helmingham Hall in Suffolk. As well as getting money off the entrance price, we packed a good, frugal picnic and a flask.  I have so far saved £16 by using this card; well worth the cost of the magazine!

I’m linking up with this Cass, Emma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week’ linky. Check out their frugal achievements this week! What frugal things have you done?


12 thoughts on “Five Fabulously Frugal things I have done this week, 2nd June 2017

  1. Well done on your wonderful frugality! I wish I could claim the same here. Hair do, expensive. New lawnmower, very expensive. Visit from computer man, sorted out my prob but also I had to pay for my annual sub for my domain name, £50, plus trip to Waitrose and lunch out in local hotel. Oh dear … but I line-dried the washing, didn’t use the tumble dryer! So 99% non-frugal, 1% frugal. But it’s a start, is it not?
    I love hearing about all the things you do to save money. It sounds like me 40 years ago when our children were small. Thankfully, through being frugal then (mind you, there weren’t the same things to spend money one as there are today – I mean wet wipes and disposable nappies, for example, and pizzas and carry-out coffee – so it was easier to be frugal in many ways!) we have been able to ease up in our old age.
    Margaret P

    • Sometimes you have to spend. The domain name and computer man are important. Glad you line dried. I don’t even own a tumble dryer!

      • Ah, but, ah, but, ahhh … we live in damp, soggy Devon. That’s why the county is so ‘green’. And so we really do need a tumble dryer, especially in winter. Well, that’s my excuse, ha ha!
        Margaret P

  2. Thanks for the top tip when we met up about the 2 for 1 card with Gardeners’ World magazine – I ordered a back issue online and my copy showed up this morning! Glad you enjoyed visiting the Hadleigh charity shops, and hope your eBay items do really well.

  3. hi just to let you know that Lidl has an offer on their large blocks of mature cheese next weekend, I’ve just seen it advertised in one of their flyers .It’s reduced from £3.79 to £1.99. It’s worth buying a few blocks because not only has it normally got a few months best before date, but also we can make a few recipes with it and store in the freezer. However make sure you go shopping early Saturday morning as in my particular branch where I live they tend to sell out early with these types of offers. Also Red wine reduced from £4.99 to £2.99

    Regards Alana

    • Thanks! I bought some last time and they lasted for ages with no problems

  4. My frugal trade-off. My daughter-in-law who is my hairdresser did an extra blow dry on my hair for an evening out yesterday and I’m doing a basket load of ironing for her. The great thing is that we both think we got the best end of the bargain!

      • Haha, a win-win situation. I admit tnat having my hair blow dried is the very, very last luxury I would wish to give up! I happily cut back on other areas to enable my hair to look good.

  5. Glad you are enjoying the benefits of Top CashBack. It’s so simple and painless.

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