Finding Kindred Spirits – the Great on-line Frugal Community

Thanks for all your comments on my post yesterday about using the library service. That’s what I love about blogging – it’s far easier to find like minded souls on-line than it is in the flesh.

Most of my friends know I don’t have much money, but they really don’t have a clue about frugality, and the absolute necessity of this way of living for me. They don’t think twice about booking a foreign holiday or a meal in a restaurant, and buy new clothes and have their hair done whenever they feel like it. I am pretty sure they don’t lie awake at night worrying about paying the mortgage.

This is great for them, but means they don’t understand that I can’t come with them on a trip to Amsterdam at short notice, meet them for a restaurant and cinema trip, or go shopping for the day in London.

When they come to me for dinner it is more likely to be chicken casserole and apple crumble on the menu than best steak and gateau.

They don’t get why I do my shopping in Aldi rather than on-line and would probably be horrified that I buy out of date food from Approved Foods and almost all my clothes second-hand.

They are great friends though, kind and supportive in so many ways, but I do frequently feel that it would be good to spend time with people who could empathise with my current preoccupations.

This is why the sites of fellow frugal bloggers are such a great source of support and inspiration. If I feel dispirited or need ideas I will pop over to Frugal in Suffolk, Frugal Queen or Life After Money amongst countless others, including those who follow this blog, for some nuggets of wisdom and friendly chat.

So keep the comments coming and if you have site you think is worth looking at, let me know!